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Is terrible. They're fake balls. We're gonna win it for you. We're gonna win in Pennsylvania Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, dismissing President Trump's name calling on the campaign trail. President Trump has called Harris a monster and repeatedly mispronounced her name on ABC is the view, Harris shrugged off the president's words. It's so predictable coming from him. I mean, it is childish, its name calling, Harris said the country needs leadership through the pandemic and called President Trump's handling of covert 19 a failure. She also pushed back on Trump's claims that a Biden administration would raise taxes on average Americans. We will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year period full stop Mark Gray Malard ABC news, hurricane conditions and dangerous storm surge or likely to hit the Yucatan Peninsula later today due to Tropical Storm Zeta. According to the National Hurricane Center. Zeta is about 140 miles southeast of Cozumel and moving to the northwest. The tropical storm is expected to approach the northern Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, could make landfall in the U. S as early as Wednesday night. More news in 30 minutes I'm pole Miles news radio 8 40 live from the I. Heart Media Purple Tower of power. It's the Terry Minors show. It is Halloween Week, but I am already forward thinking I'm thinking about the end of the year just because we're all wanting to shake away. 2020. It's got to go. Got to go. It's been a kooky here. Of course, but, uh, I got eggnog. Yesterday I was sent to do the shopping and olders eggnog boom. Got that kind of stuff tries my wife Nice anyway. Eggnog in the house. Haven't cracked it open yet. But, Ian, are you a naeger? I can't remember for you and augur. No, I think.

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