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Deep if this ranked twenty night yards allowed 29th against the past twenty six gets to rush tom brady is the reason that the patriots all where they are right now i know it's something that we could say every year but in terms of this particular year he is clearly having a considerably better year the kamnu kamnu native in the discussion in terms of the top three i i just listen i wouldn't put came ahead of brady ah i think girl ian brady are basically neckinneck whence i thought was considerably ahead of everyone but he got hurt i thought russell wilson was in it but he's played poorly the last several weeks by the way brady also has not played well the last several weeks if you really look at it russell wilson played worse than brady to last two or three games but brady has not played it mvp level of the last couple of weeks just hasn't and can is coming on and by the way when you look at the body of work throughout the season he has not yet eliminated himself from considering that yet no one's talking about at eleven wins with no offense stephen fleming you wanted to clarify about kentavious caldwellpope before flew into these games yet you're the un max we had the stuff about contagious caldwellpope war friday with a whole dui think folks close to be close to him rather have said that he wasn't even behind the wheel of the car he was charged with careless driving simply because he was a he he measured at zero point zero eight with alcohol tests but it was somebody else behind the wheel of a car not him he just knew that they had been drinking and so he was charged with that now obviously the reports tell us something different the reports that i've read the reports did you read max they're trying to claim that no he wasn't behind the wheel of a car in their pointing to that because they're saying now he's a violation of this proposal would charge took place in michigan but he was in la plays for the lakers what is he to do so this is something that needs to be looked into and i think that it was a is in fairness on.

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