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Is our as we've all been in one or both of the situations there's an American Eagle flight where a woman leans her seat back and the guy behind her has the back has Selassie the last seat doesn't recline in he's aggravated that she has leaned her seat back which is perfectly within the rules that the airline has laid out so he punches her seat repeatedly so she pulled her camera out kind of takes a selfie video shows him just sitting there just punching her seat and I have a couple of thoughts with regard to that number one is that's a guy basically fighting with the woman isn't there a single man on the plane man enough to walk up there and say Hey fella knock it all off what what do you what do you do would you do that to a guy sitting in front of you who weighed fifty pounds more than you tough guy maybe trade places with the lady and say punch my seat one time and see if he does it because he wouldn't that's problem number one the problem number two is is more fundamental do you realize that you can trace some of what happened there to Osama bin laden do you notice how different people are on planes today than they used to be by the time they get on the plane they are so angry so angst ridden so ready to lash out and why because a government agent humiliated you if you got on a plane thanks yours up third thank you bell don't dare to dance you ever notice ever notice it breaks my heart to see there's always some old couple our old person in is their first time to fly in their very sweetly asking the TSA agent Hey do I need to take off my thank is that really necessary that really necessary you work for the taxpayer you work for the people you're barking are you having a bad day every day are all of you having a bad day do you think you have the better and they all act like we're so stupid we are just the stupidest people ever we don't know the rules do you want to make us out to be fools you work for us you idiot would you rather do something else then do see that whole patriot act and everything we did afterwards none of it was designed to improve the experience all of it was designed to tell you be scared out of your mind and let us put our finger up your **** hole and that's what they do lot of people don't like to finger up your **** hole but that's what they do they humiliate you if you want the privilege of getting to fly on that company's airline over there first the government gets to humiliate you and you have no way to do a damn thing about right so by the time you've been stripped down to nothing yelled at humiliated and everything else all for your own protection because these people work Derek Derek Holland at best what they do by the time you then get to your seat you're so aggravated so mad about everything that you're taking it out on the woman in front of you look there that's the seat that's a see you got you drew the short stick you walk into a restaurant the only table left is the corner booth re a slide in there you're mad at the next table because they're sitting at their table the way they're allowed to sit at the table whose fault is that so many of these efforts by the government designed to make you safer what are they really done they've given the government more authority over your life and the government doesn't have a smile you don't go to the post office for great customer service now do you and so what are people doing we should get the courts involved yes let's have the government let's have the government coordinate every aspect of our life including the TSA because they're so good at what they do what I love to travel.

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