Senate Judiciary Committee, Bill, President Trump discussed on KYW 24 Hour News


Raise the minimum age to legally purchase tobacco products. Twenty one is one into resistance in the Pennsylvania. Senate Harrisburg bureau chief Tony Romeo reports. The Bill failed to clear the state Senate Judiciary committee this past week did with tie vote democratic members voted no citing opposition from the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association, leaving the sponsor Republican Mary Schiavo irked, the Cancer Society should be ashamed. And if they're still in this room, they should be ashamed of what they did. A letter to lawmakers, the Cancer Society and Heart Association say they support raising the age with selling tobacco to twenty one. But do not supports Capello's Bill as written citing concerns such as the need for active enforcement measures. Backers of the Bill say the idea is to protect younger teens for the exposure to smoking from older peers says. He expects the judiciary committee to revisit the issue in the coming weeks. The committee did advance a Bill that would ban the sale of vaping an alternative nicotine products to those age eighteen in Harrisburg, Tony Romeo KYW. Newsradio. Federal judge ruled President Trump's executive order allowing offshore drilling in the Arctic. Ocean is unlawful and invalid US district court judge Sharon Gleason ruled Mr. Trump exceeded is thirty when he reversed bans on offshore drilling and vast parts of the Arctic Ocean and dozens of canyons and the Atlantic Ocean. Nearly twenty years have passed since the mass shooting at Columbine highschool captured the nation's attention, I bounded Steve Kastenbaum has more. Some of Columbine is current students are asking others to put a sticker on their student ID or their cell phones that indicates their desire for images of their body to be publicized. If there ever killed as the result of gun violence. They call their campaign. My last shot the Columbine students in. Courage others to print out and sign the sticker which reads quote in the event that I die from gun violence. Please publicise the photo of my death hashtag my last shot end, quote, their hope is that even in death that can be the catalyst.

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