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I have an impression that's probably unfair but based on whatever fifteen minutes i'll just tell you what it is and you tell me if i'm off base or sort of what you what your view is from talking to sources watching these kids play being around them sam darnold and i know just fifteen minutes but it was an awkward interview he was with his mother he seemed at least to me really put out to be there where does that jive with does that connect with your impression of sam darnold having obviously covered his sport for for quite a while i interviewed him a couple of times i know the people around him he he's a quiet kid i can't speak to what he's like in a huddle or film room or or with a team that is genuinely how easy is he's not your typical orange county surf kid although that's he grew up in a beach town right he definitely grounded so no i i really liked him i spoken to him and josh rosen and baker mayfield and i think they're all great i think they're all wellspoken josh is is is very very smart so his baker bakers got issues but that's that's all they are and he's a fantastic quarterback i have spoken josh allen on the phone i had met him in person but no i i i didn't have that particular take away from sam who is for your mind just football player who's the best football player in this draft from your perspective what covering college football wow that's football player answer that you almost have to look at the draft and the browns are i need a quarterback but will they do it's the best football i might have to go with barclay just because i think is right lucky was all seen employees he's got bad jump cuts catches the past he runs he protects which they absolutely love the scouts loved he might be the guy now running backs are undervalued the two most highest a positions or quarterback and rush and so you know are you overpaying if you select you know with saquon barkley i i don't know what about bradley chubb where does he sort of what is your estimate of the football player he is and what your expectation is probably the number one interior linemen and that's.

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