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Monetary Fund envisions a steep fall and international growth this year. The global economy struggles to recover from covered 19. The IMF forecast of the global economy will shrink by 4.4% for 2020. That would be the worst annual plunge since the Great Depression of the 19 thirties. The IMS forecast for 2020 and its latest world economic outlook does represent an upgrade of 0.8%. From its previous forecast released in June. The fund attributed the slightly less dire forecast a faster than expected rebounds in some countries, notably China and government rescue aid. Then it is correspondent Jeremy House Reporting. China's vehicle sales, including trucks and buses, accelerated in September, is the industry's biggest global market recovered from the Corona virus pandemic. And industry group that China Association of Automobile Manufacturers says sales rose My 17.4% breaking news, a townhome dot com San Francisco Police say they've arrested a man suspected the abduction of a ring tailed Leamer from the city Zoo. SAN Francisco Zoo CEO Tommy Peterson says a 21 year old Female are male lemur named Maki is about out of sorts after his misadventure choir. He's back here. He's still agitated, dehydrated and hungry. We're working with our vet teams and wellness teams to get him back to health. He's socially distancing from his primate family, but we hope to get him returning with his family. Sim, please say the 30 year old man who was taken into custody in connection with the theft will face charges in San Francisco Zoo officials thanked authorities and the young boy who initially spotted the Leamer wandering around the grounds of his preschool and alerted of school officials, who called authorities That boy has been awarded with a lifetime free membership now to the San Francisco Zoo. More details at townhall dot com from Washington. I'm Baal Agnew. We've all heard it eat healthy. But what does eating healthy mean? Sure, There are countless diets out there, but they contradict each other. Yet all experts agree we should eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Whole fruits and vegetables are the perfect fuel to power..

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