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Why 30,000 homeowners have chosen new look to do the roof to 21 here on W. T o p a new this hour. Virginia is seeing an uptick in Corona virus cases, particularly in the Commonwealth Eastern region, and governor Ralph Northam is detailing the situation during a briefing that's still underway. A large portion of the increase in cases that we're seeing in our state numbers are coming. From the Tidewater region. E percent positivity here is 10.1%. And it's been rising for a number of days. There's clearly suspect substantial community spread. A lot of that increases driven by people socializing without wearing masks. Especially young people, Northam says statewide. Overall, the rate of positive tests has moved up from 5.9% to 6.8%. While Northern Virginia has most of the Commonwealth's population, it's cases are dramatically down. They're positivity right? 6.7%. We'll have more from Virginia's governor. Later as we go through the day, updating a story we've been following for you this afternoon to inmates from a Virginia Juvenile correction center in Chesterfield County are still on the loose after they overpowered a security officer and escaped. Authorities say there ran through a hole that was cut in security fencing at the Bon Aire Juvenile Correctional Center before disappearing in a vehicle that appear to be waiting for him now still at large, 20 year old Jabbar Taylor from sponsor Vania County had been convicted of second degree murder an 18 year old Rashad Williams of D. C. He was serving time for malicious wounding and robbery. Both were due to be transferred to an adult prison when they turned 21. It's the first jailbreak from the Chesterfield facility in 20 years. AH, founder and former leader of a neo Nazi group has pleaded guilty to conspiring to place hoax phone calls targeting an African American church, a cabinet official and others. John Denton of Montgomery Taxes spaces up to five years in prison. After today's guilty plea in Alexandria federal court, prosecutors say Denton was the leader of a group called Adam Waffen Division is targets in 2018 and 19 included the Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, along with then Secretary of Homeland Security Kirsten Nielsen. Death and also placed swatting calls targeting news outlet Propublica, which had identified Denton as an Adam Waffen leader. New information this afternoon on the case against the Fairfax County police officer who used a stun gun on a man he mistakenly thought he recognized Now the Fairfax County Fraternal Order of Police says the county police chief has lost the confidence of its members. He should resign. F o P Large 77 says Chief Ed Rosler has not been fair in the way he handled a white police officer who's facing three assault and battery charges for using his stun gun on a black man. June 5th Chief Ostler says Officer Tyler Timberlake violated use of force policies and a spokesman for the Fairfax County Police Department. Says the chief is committed to leading the department. But the F O P says the chief rush to judgment, demonized the officer and jeopardized his right to a fair trial. The F O. P is asking for the chief's immediate resignation. Dick Uliano w T o p News Next in money news now is moving higher. A fundraising cookbook from Top D C chefs. I'm Jeff Global. 2 24 Get ready. Get set Sold. This is Dave Johnson. And if you want to sell.

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