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So how coq ten plus resveratrol blend do that. I know they call it their coq q daily super boost formula. But how does it work? Well, it's very interesting. It combines some. Really amazing nutrients, specifically coenzyme q ten and resveratrol and a number of other nutrients, we'll talk about later that support your health and energy. And that's the bottom line. You're looking at what we call the advantage of combining the very nutrient that creates your body's energy coq ten with the benefits of respirator, all the energy, the stamina that comes with it. And it's an unbeatable combination that gives you this advantage, this cardiovascular system benefit benefits to your brain, cognitive performance, your skin, aerobic capacity. It supports normal enzymatic activity throughout the body. It's just an amazing combination. And that's why we called it. The advantage could pressman, you know, I love the fact that in the new coq resveratrol super formula from purity products, you combine the coq ten with resveratrol. Now, the key molecule found in red wine for those just tuned in talk to us about all the excitement surrounding resveratrol. And why you specifically wanted it in this formula? Well. Let me tell you the researchers at Harvard under the leadership of Dr David Sinclair, this is what they found caloric restriction eating less slows the pace of aging. That's pretty darn impressive. And what they found in laboratory studies of animals is that an extended lifespan, and it appeared that caloric restriction eating less food than you're eating right now by a certain percentage increases your longevity. You'll live longer. It increases the activity of what we call a long jetty, gene. They get switched on. They help improve metabolism. It increases your ability to cope your ability to adapt. In fact, this gene helps increase tissue repair. And it's switched on by a group of genes called sir tunes. Now, they found two things at Harvard. Number one, caloric restriction increases these longevity genes these tunes. Well, so does reservoir ritual at least in their animal studies. And this is exactly why res- various roles been making all these worldwide headlines because if it works. Humans as it does and these animals, and I'm optimistic it will it represents an entirely new approach to managing health and wellness where we potentially use a traditional compound like reservoir ritual to actively target the exact genes associated with these various areas of improvement than our health and our aging and our longevity. Well, now that the president you say that coq ten holds an elite status in the nutritional supplements industry because it's been so well documented, and so well, there's maybe he gives a brief overview of the research and explain why coq ten research is so widely respected. Well, let's go back. Nineteen fifty seven university of Wisconsin the Nobel prize for Peter Mitchell in nineteen seventy eight the university of Texas medical school, Purdue University and Indiana University of Granada in Spain talking about coq ten being a powerful antioxidant is major studies major universities right here in the United States and abroad, the bottom line in these studies energetics might Okon. Andrea without co Q ten you don't have energy.

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