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The people that were really pushing out too personal growth was i know by perception was so off and the the amount of changes that people are willing to go through engro through and it's not easy that's why most people fail there procure growth is not an easy chore you have to face it by know you talk about that in the book that you gotta stand in front of the mirror well the the big thing is uh the directive i thought bumper you'd get done but it it the lifetime journey so you know a lot of people were hurt okay i got a growing they want to peru on their lips what are you gotta do go by when you don't get it over with the the the forget it but could blake learned to know it a lot of the book and not a you do you know one guy will i got one down now what what for that what what they are and that thing i got the other one of the you also made the character uh it big word for him was serve here and the way you laced in the way he served even his boss who is just amazing to me so at the end a you know as you go through it you realize there are some things that you told him to do know you voiced him to do which was it the inside of asking great questions here well i think that really interesting warning ochre very you know we're all out mentor or people who can help your order what are you commit begun anybody you know there with your why rent or you could be at lunch with somebody but you know we we give them you know your favorite your derek way really interesting think of the hugh made it is to create what your life it may the greatest contribution here's to quit all right so one of things i put it right away married martin van buren married where ovalles phil rid are recruited i'll throw brighten up the office of the pierre curie norrkoping but area it's an interesting question it all the other questions.

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