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I don't need to see a tubby biting him. I don't want no tool. Five is he was was too small ending. Wanna see this. You wanna see that tool five at this point because this is a bee's man he's super strong and i don't know at just i like is he a one eighty five i. I don't know we'll see what happens when he gets a little bit older. Maybe his his muscle mass will more. But that's out of the sun. Yeah on the flip side. We have martin vittori who goes. The distance took a ton of punishment. I think he thought he legitimately won the fight which is insane no but also smart and if he really feels that way he needs to go all in on this he should be putting out. Marvin vittori dot com and selling t shirts. He should be screaming to and from the rooftops. Sell the crap out of this gimmick. It won't get them back to a title at anytime soon. But at least it keeps his name out there. And in my opinion. I know a cliche adjective describing some of these fights over the last year. Eighteen months was a crossroads fight. And it's like a tony ferguson. This like a legit crossfire from tori either. His life was going to change and he was going to be the champion or he was going to drop way back in the rankings and unfortunately for him it is the ladder. So you mentioned this fight. Earlier i think the best case scenario he gets the winner of your iowa versus sean strict on july thirty first but he might even have to go back further than that. I think honestly hall. Strict winter is the best case scenario for him. What do you think. I wanna see him. Fight paulo costa. Wanna see him by apollo kosta now. Of course baccini gno is currently. Embroiled is the latest fighter to become embroiled in a contract dispute with the ufc. So i understand. He may become he may end up on the onto the next one band lists soon. You know it could be this. Depending how i anyway i mean. He has already responded demands. How much further. This war of words escalates. I think at some point business will be done. I think You know cost us somewhat of a reasonable complaint. Of course saying look. If i'm gonna main event a card i want more money. He's not the first fighter to say he won't be last. I'm sure But at some point. I do think he's going to bite the bullet and take a fight. I i just love to see him play batori. I think there's a lot of attitude there. I think it's sort of the The israel i assigned a championship fight. Runner-up battle i think it does. It keeps both guys in the title. Picture definitely Do you know like you said batory fell far. He cost keeps them in there. I i'm not sure how eager the ufc will be to build up a third batori fight. Should he beat cost. And it'd be somebody else As you said but hey happy if he leans into this conspiracy theory thing questions. The judges does. It doesn't appeal. How could how to fifty forty five. I want at least. I would at least two of those rounds which i would disagree with then then. It's a possibility but either way for me not even just ignoring contenders stakes. I think it's a fun fight. I just it's a fun filled with some very enjoyable occasionally awkward trash talk. I think guys would probably try a little too hard at some point. Go way too far and regardless of what happens. It would be hilarious for us. So i'll go pretoria and costume. Yeah maybe i don't know. I think i think victoria's like completely out of the title. You're more likely he if anyone falls out of one of these upcoming fights you mentioned hall. Strickland's kennedy gas lump jumps in. I think either jumps in. I don't think he was. I be surprised if he was too badly hurt from this fight. I don't think we're seeing a six month suspension. So i think. I think he stays ready. I actually think he'll be he does want to help. I want to fight again. Real soon and fingers crossed. Nothing happens to those fights but if it does i think batori in. Yeah i i think is like a great deal. A tremendous yo. I like tony walked out to the The montello theme. I know it's not the majority channel all said. Yeah i know. I said that for a reason by gun. You'll okay fine i i. Of course i know who would name. What do you call it. I'm just over pronouncing now. Of course who is a all those classes. Spaghetti westerns I'm not. I'm not like a deep into his music but i know all the most the big ones i if you're a ufc fighter and you come out to a song that's been used as the modelo theme for commercials featuring uc fighters. We're gonna make modell jokes all right. We're gonna make jokes. That's not on us are a lot of us in the media. Did it a lot of other these cool all these cool guys. Mma make findings damon. Martin took the the italian name of the song And then saying oh and by the way. This song's called whatever field goal fields whatever And you know trying to make us all feel about. Okay guys you guys are cool. You guys are cool. guess what. It's the maddelo song the medella song. I'm sorry we all know it has now So of course. Respect the great anti-american but so and this isn't listen. I understand you wanna take. Hipster stands and be like i knew you actual song but anyone who said that's the madonna song was not wrong. Nobody was incorrect. You're all right in your own different ways. You want to show off your musical knowledge in such a vast variety. Good for you but it's still a modell theme and by the way. I'm glad you mentioned that. Let me just say one thing to you centrum. Vitamins pick another song. Pick another song. I'm sitting there doing some work watching the broadcast and espn plus and all of a sudden like that song sounds very familiar in the background of the centrum. Gummy vitamin commercial. It's the onto the next one theme song in the background like gimmick infringement gimmick infringement central. Listen i just want to say. I am in canada. We did not get that out of here. This is strictly between you and mike mike. Don't get me involved in this. I promise centrum. I did not see commercial. I'm glad you're defending the honor. Our show but i definitely don't get me involved this. Please don't be mad centrum. Don't be sitting in the corner. You in that peanut butter jelly d- don't be jelly of onto the next one trying to steal our themes on trying to try trying to build upon the hard work the sacrifices the dedication that we put into this show each and every week. How dare you all right mike. Settle down said come. I'll kidding aside. Let's okay all right. i'm getting. I'm getting a little riled up getting a little of that models duty. Back to the positivity yes and support for this episode comes from locker room the app. That's changing the way we talk. Sports locker room is a sports fans. Dream come true. It's a live audio.

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