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Murphy and Paul McCaffrey. Six eight eighty four. Wow. Dude. I got I got a lot of adjustments to make here. Let me just ease into this whole situation. Paulie, MAC, say good morning to y'all. That's all you out there. If there's anybody out there. Hello is anybody out there? That's my Pink Floyd happy new year. Everybody would say what's up to Adam Copeland? Bonnie jail. Paulie mac? Murph returns. Tomorrow. I was telling cope before the show. I I got a lot of ground to cover here. I got a really get back into like forget about work a life mode. I was gonna say it was a tough to wake up to close on like, a formal clothing in. It's been weeks. I've been a sweat pants hoodie socks. Like, this kind of traipsing around my pad picking up my kids. And now all of a sudden here, I am back at the leader. Dude. A happy new year. Oh, man, that's kind of life though. Right. Like this last week and body Joe. And I spent some time last week talking about it the week between Christmas and new years just doesn't count for anything. No carbs. No. Nothing. Parents whatever you gotta do. Yeah. Yeah. But here we are, man. And boy, I gotta tell you also after watching football pretty much all day yesterday and the day before and the day before and the day before all these bowl games bowl season. I was so into it. I was neck deep in bowl games teams. I don't even care about military bowl where you're watching that give me a few snaps in the military bowl. We'll see what's going on. Now, the one we've been all over. Did you check the cheese at bowl last week the one where like, you know, what it was the worst football game ever played how many interceptions are in that game nine that was a record. Yeah. I didn't see much of the cheese at actually that's good. I did I got sucked into the Oregon Michigan state game Sunday. I'll look at it. What are we talking about the two best defenses of all time where the worst offenses of all time or combination of the both? But anyway after committing for three quarters on Mike, I just wanted to Windsor stamping touchdown on the board. But my point is like you don't even have to have emotional ties this time of year. It's just football teams getting after it and last night capping off the whole run big big Texas win, dude. And how about the pre-game tone being set by the steer dude? Wow. His name's b b. Devoted his little name, tag pivo? Jerks away from his handlers. And goes after August, I was going nuts because I was like, you know, this sets the tone for the whole game. And this kata showed that was the game right there. Right. Talk about a mismatch though, too. I mean, the dog is I mean, did you see a small that dog? The game. Oh my God. What are we doing with a bowl on the football field before the game legitimate every game? I know. But what are we to? Same question of ralphie in Colorado. You've got to dudes holding the ropes with a with the buffalo buffalo as you. If that thing gets loose you, but it's a bulldog versus a boat. Like, it's almost like they're too much media around the bowl like why we shouldn't be having them that close to people. He's got like four horns and everything that, you know, the media's thought they wanted to do a picture, you know, that right? That's what they were having a dog walk over to come together. Vivo isn't having by the way coke grab a pen and note for the record. Josh, I don't know if this is optimum Josh's on the board today, we got some different faces. And I don't know if the the soundboard level is up it is. All right. Let's bring in the new year with my I sound bite of the year. And I got to say on the pre-game rumble between vivo inaugur. You gotta like August lateral movement. There you go. Oh. Seriously. They froze trampled. My ass will have to roll it into the dog was like we enjoy told them. Yeah. Yeah. But how like you said that what a metaphor for the game? Glenn and how long oh long time. I mean two thousand five championships. Doesn't five. Yeah. But it's crazy to see that they really are. Now Liger said, we're. I do. Oh, college football expert on way, more of a pro guy, but I like college, and I've got more and more into it over the past few years. I will say Texas to me my perception of Texas is one of those teams in schools that that should be good. Like, they don't like it. When Texas is down like Texas to me should be one of the premier programs in the country. So it's good to see them coming back up because I think they belong up there and when schools like those historic prestigious programs fall, I don't like it, even if I don't like the school. I just liked those kind of programs to be up so good to see them back because you're a student, and I'm a Longhorn. Yeah. Well, you know, there's a long history there to know. And by the way, so how about that the way they manhandled Georgia like a lot of people were upset Oklahoma got in. They shouldn't have been there at all. No. There was a lot of that in some of it's legitimate. I'm not gonna argue that everybody's had, you know, Ohio State, Georgia, whatever the case now, Alabama, I I really expected Oklahoma to at least be able to score more points than they did Allah Murray did not look like Carlos. Uri in that game. And I credit the Alabama defense. But my point is would have been different Georgia got in. Because boy, I mean, Texas, crush them. Yeah. Especially they have a really good running game. And the Texas defense held them to twenty nine yards in the first half. Which is crazy. I mean, just look like Georgia demons show up at all. Yeah. Well, I I think what this does is it it sort of solidifies like the I saw Murph actually got into it on on Twitter with some people talking about over the break. He's he's still he's still into it talking about how the how how he won. He should not be wanna talk right now. College football college basketball, by the way. We'll we'll talk to you. Why he got his wish though? He's talking about how we still gotta have the eighteen playoff. And then the the Clemson game sort of showed everybody like, yeah. But that wasn't even really close. So maybe we shouldn't even have the eighteen playoff. But then you get a game like yesterday. And it shows you maybe Texas was a lot better than people thought her or closer to the top and Ohio State was damn good yesterday. So I don't know if you guys do this. But I do this when it comes to college football, do you associate schools and teams with people, you know, now that I know Bonnie, Jill your, Texas. Yeah. I'm oklahoma. Yeah. Fits is Notre Dame. He's the embodiment of all things Irish job. They've got blown out to sea. See I well Joe Montana. You know what I mean? Like, you gotta have a soft spot right there. I do. Anyway, you are Notre Dame when Montana was there. It's only because he was a nine or after the fact that. Yeah. No question. But my point is like I expected more from Notre Dame a lot more based on everything I heard they hadn't lost a game. They're back. This is the Irish to finally come about. They got smoked. Yeah. Score. Touchdown. No, no. They weren't very good. And what he I think he's five and five now and his bowl games member. He went to the national championship of figures. Back just got ran off the field. So. You know, I was kinda rooting a little bit for them because it would have been a fun match up to see them come to town here. They would have taken over the stadium. Mcglinchey would have been here would have been cool for him, by the way. What was the name of the Oregon bowl game down at the by? What was it? I forget the name box that sounds right. Yeah. What what's red box, by the way? Disrespect. What it is right boxes. A another big sponsor the grocery store. It's like the dollar. It's like, it's what blockbuster became you. Gotta be kidding. You can rent a DVD at Safeway the big red box. I know exactly what it is. Now, I'm afraid to riff. I don't want to upset anybody. But I got a million of them in my back pocket just here in that red box bowl. Have they hurt? Have. They heard about Netflix. You know what I mean? Like, I got a news flash. People just use dial up anything on Netflix who's going to the store. The blockbuster bowl. Yeah. There is no such thing. But anyway, my point is going to be down at that game. I mean, the lower bowl was kinda full Levi stadium was maybe a third full for that game. Maybe the thing about doing these things, by the way, real quick hope they get a lot of representation out here. So, you know, all the Oregon people came down or the, you know, the alumni in the bay area. But boy, they would that was they could he have that game at AT and T they probably should have. But you're doing these games in neutral sites in a holiday week like who's who's making that trip said a family and boosters, well and students and students have the time. You know, they have the time off and stuff. So back home, though with family, I feel like this. I mean, it's a funky time of year to do it. Because you're you're you're off campus. Nobody's really around. You can have a school hosted. I guess it would be weird. I was hoping to get a day day citing that game too for the Michigan state side of things. But I think there they were. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I saw Anthony Slater said data and boogie hopped the plane from Phoenix too vague. I saw team came back in those guys went the party and the rest of the team was celebrating in the air on their way back here. Now, do we speaking of and we'll we'll cover a lot of stuff today. We'll kind of spin it around, but how close is boogied to be being on the floor. Finally. It's gotta be coming soon. There were saying January. It's january. I think we're hearing now maybe even closer to the all star game. Yeah. It's not gonna be one of these given us giving us really a timetable. You just getting better. We're hearing that he was scrimmaging one on one against John, Katie. And. Video. So I don't know like they have they been kind of quiet about it. But they need help with the center position. Yeah. Yeah. You know, the dubs were were good. And then they were not good depending on which game you watch other. Okay. Yes. Right. Back to back games where they put up a lot of. I mean, Phoenix though. That's what you're supposed to do. What you're supposed to do the. Yeah. But the the big thing while you were gone Paulius is what's wrong with clay? That was the whole know what on that note. We'll take a Pozniak chew on that on the other side. If there is anybody out there. We'll open up the line today at eight away Cambier chime in you guys know, the text line would do came to our business. Check sponsored by city, national Bank, business and technology.

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