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Have endured sad so please barbie don't laugh at hand making fun of me. I'm just letting you know. I'm just letting you know how to get around all of that. You wanna lineup for the vaccine. Neighbors he shot to you premise. I'm trying to get his name apple. Shonky making me laugh. Oh gosh quitting practice cash. Hey mr roberson. Good morning baby who we have here. Donna owners is in the building. Go on your new listener. She came day john. The hey girl girl. Are you sharing the show us. Let him know grow the era. Hey girl theory jackson in the building. Good morning hey. Tonya lynette is here. Hey tanya you. John cochran was john. You may download that fan. Radio app was going on tina. Graham is here. Hey till you know. We i i saw your name. I was like who the hell is joanne. Grab added naming their threw me off for second and i had six pages right. I was thrown off a whole minute. I was like who the hell yes. diane hallways had diane hard good morning. Hey i am The godfather solo. Tracy ray is in the building. Yeah tracy out crew literally over here in tears. Because sean cavanagh work you know jimmy. Y'all see like late goso is just do. This look nice that is sobriety inherently tomorrow is here hormone darren. Jackson says on the good question chabrol number week. It's lydia friday yes Finally get january sheena here in august. Two kelly kills next. Yes eric just popping up era. Good morning to you right Sharon down in his here. Hey nikki good morning to everyone. I said hello. Dj cadillac is good morning the beautiful. What the tantiongco shepherds in the building. Hey wanda trina pinker this here. Hello trina nicole. Harris is in the building. What's up girl out to sabrina. Laura hey hey. La z marina kamaruddin. Hey girl marcie ramose's here. Good morning jessica. Wilcox is in the building. Hey girlfriend read. Mr sensational halla is in the building. What's that rail. Real should be the first take sitting there on instagram. Jumping around all day. That's right well. Well get healthy my friend and go take your shot. Oh he gonna be part of the five percent. Call us the five percenters haffey all running around here with the nerve still have high blood pressure and you feel diabetic in in ten of corona. You should be out there. Walking around drinking a lot of water and praying. The jesus christ and you're still out there ordering all this food shame on you and then and then later shot but you got managed you in front of saudi your mouth and you're wondering extra pickles and you've got the bread now and that's killing you to pickle. I'm actually down five pounds. Thank you just making minor little changes city. I forget to take my mother. God bless mama harvey as your call. Yeah she's thing you had on yesterday that little coverage what was that thing. It's called the duster a senator dino. Momma called me after the show at says. She wants that she want. She wants to win. You have on. Oh well i'll give it to her. You can't have it. She said well give me one. Said you can't take the ones she has. She said that she says over the summer. Macy's she can have it. I'll give it to her honored. Speak yes. You're murray chuck understatement. Is here hagar friend. Shahi johnson in the building. What's up shot. He showed up to nissan. d basan. How you celebrate your birthday yesterday Happy birthday short talk. I'd missed him in the chat room. Yesterday comedian figures here. Good morning comedian fixed. And i'm gonna call you have to show figures you need to call them one day man you got a story to tell and the building yes martin was is here good morning marlin marlin go to sleep. Rat king just popping. Hey rock rock. How are you this morning. Shutouts you shut outs who shelby. Hey shelby we miss shower and and her hair and player right clear clear show. I don't miss. I see all the time we was hanging out yesterday. Busy here all day right. She's cool people can't be at home with nobody. Yeah he stayed. He acted like he's work. That the camera by myself too long. Like this weird tori cherise is here good one until we re thank you for tuning in. How did you hear about us. Let us know she knew the guys. Oh yeah tory. Tory yes tori tortora tour t our tour one zero seven point nine. Fm nyj wanted to you guys shutouts. Who your and your listeners. Boogie one forty five radio. Hey good morning to you guys and your listeners. Well the terrible lee scott is here. Good morning league mornings you. Deborrah free and ninety nine. Leslie is in the building heads of barbara shore. You wasn't on the sun. You're getting jessica. Hey hey hey and narrowly rate is here. Good morning natalie. Natalie believe those are all the names that i have seen. If you are here to get shot please put up in here. I know you're here for the next one. Yes we truly appreciate. It definitely wanna make sure that you guys stay connected with us on social media the sean harvey morning show featuring the wakeup.

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