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Eight twenty three a new stock eleven ten nine eight nine three WBT well just a few minutes we're gonna be talking about McClatchy newspapers filing for bankruptcy chapter eleven I'll be talking about the reasons why in just a few minutes for we've got so much to talk about money today we've got deal fall will come in on the Korean money in just a few minutes to talk about the financial disaster that's going on in the state of North Carolina governor with their budget but it's freakin of financial money it's all about money in the Democratic Party right now by a guy named Michael Bloomberg who by the way will be in North Carolina today he is in North Carolina already he's in Winston Salem as we speak right now and then he goes to I believe rally around lunch time and then he has Greensboro on the docket today too so he I don't know if he's driving or or flying a corporate jet and and causing climate change to occur even more rapidly in North Carolina or not but either way he's going to be all over North Carolina today and he's going to be spending a ton of money in North Carolina let me tell you an insider's view point the Democrats running for statewide office in North Carolina right now from the governor to the lieutenant governor does to the Attorney General to the entire council state want Michael Bloomberg to win the democratic primary why money money that means there will have to be a lot of fund raisers for the federal candidate for president taking all the money out of North Carolina in fund raising activities and dining rooms throughout North Carolina which would not have to go to Bloomberg but if you go to Roy Cooper if you go to Josh Steiner good the lieutenant governor candidates and go to the state Supreme Court races as opposed to president elect Bloomberg its campaign because he's gonna be just writing checks out of his pocket he will spend a billion dollars to become president of the United States out of his own pocket and I guarantee you this behind the scenes he's making promises to people right now he's going to states like North Carolina where it'll be interest will Roy Cooper be anywhere around him yes today he might be in a back room but I guarantees there's correspondence between the Cooper campaign and Bloomberg at this moment in time Cooper's the type who'd want to keep that correspondence why it because Cooper doesn't want your Tate the Sanders campaigns are the blue or the the judge the judge campaigns I'm sure he's not the type to take any risk but behind the scenes he's praying for Bloomberg he's done a lot of fund raisers in New York and I guarantees already raise money from Bloomberg so this is going to me make it very very difficult for a Republican to win back the governor's seat of Bloomberg's on the ticket North Carolina because all the fund raiser will be directed toward Roy Cooper and it could possibly even heard Tom tell us in the Senate race so do you think this same thing this blueprint you're talking about in North Carolina with the Democrats in light of what happened this week in the party do you think the same thing is going on in states all across absolutely absolutely every governor on the ticket right now in Missouri in North Carolina and several other states I think they're six gubernatorial races coming up this year they want Bloomberg they want his money and he'll bring more money into because the business community who kind of wants trump but done wanted medic constructs been so good for the economy they will also kind of go both ways they'll support drop but they also support Bloomberg and I'll tell you what Bloomberg will most likely do he'll start making promises to other candidates right now he'll go to mayor Pete and get mayor Pete I know you really don't have much military experience like you say you do because you didn't even go to boot camp you kind of just filled out an application and signed up and were made an officer did you know that guys mayor Pete has pictures of them holding a rifle but he never went to rifle training he never went to Paris island he just filled out an application and came in as an officer how nice is that how many of you knew that he never went through a rifle training he never did the obstacle courses he never shaved his head he never got yelled out by sergeant he became an officer without big going through Annapolis west point the only people get to do that primarily are people going to west point Annapolis but they earned it because they had to go through hell at west point Annapolis Bloomberg I mean a mayor P. didn't have to do that so Bloomberg wall for mayor Pete maybe secretary of defense because he's full the people into pretended to be a pseudo military veterans he drove a car in rock fourteen times outside the gate that's all he did fourteen times to our knowledge never was under fire okay what else you'll probably do hill approach Mitt Romney think about this he'll approach Mitt Romney and say met I know trump did make you secretary of state but I will and then he'll come up the Amy you know Amy for Minnesota the senator is kind of slow but sure Amy global chart cloture yeah whatever this Amy's gonna be vice president of the United States so the only people he's really irritating right now is gonna be the Bernie Sanders he's gonna go okay Sanders people go ahead vote for trump because I'm on it I'm going to get the anti trump Republican vote five to ten percent of it by making Romney my secretary of state I'm gonna get the woman's vote by making Amy club which are yeah whatever vice president and I'm gonna buy all the governor's office and in those governors will redo all the districts and will have control of federal government forever and it only cost me a.

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