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Listener supported w in y. c. studios. Six weeks ago CNN broke a blockbuster story based on several anonymous sources. It reported that former Trump lawyer. Michael Cohen was present when then candidate Trump was told in advance of the infamous Trump Tower meeting where Russian emissaries offered dirt on Hillary Clinton, bam, a smoking gun of collusion. Michael Cohen claims that then candidate Donald Trump knew in advance about the June twenty sixteen meeting and Trump Tower in which Russians were expected to offer his campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton. Crucially these sources tell us that cone is willing to make that assertion to the special counsel. Robert Muller. One of those anima sources turns out to be Cohen's own lawyer, Lanny Davis himself a political fixer opportunist with the history of shady clients. But since then Davis has not only walked back his allegation. He's recant. Here he is. I with CNN's Anderson Cooper and then Fox News channel's Howard Kurtz. So Michael Cohen does not have information that President Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians beforehand, or you know, does not. Did you ever confirm to see an reporters this allegation about the Trump Tower meeting off the record? I was never sure in my confirmation. I was uncertain. And in fact, I expressed my uncertainty but not clear enough, so I can understand that they interpreted what I said as a confirmation and had not blamed CNN. I've blamed myself in the original reporting bylined among others by famed Watergate reporter, Carl Bernstein in a standalone sixth paragraph. There was this sentence contacted by CNN. One of Cohen's attorneys, Lanny Davis declined to comment now, depending on how you look at it. It's either technically true if by the word comment you understand comment on the record. But another way to look at it is an outright lie told to readers to throw off the scent of an actual source. Most generous interpretation would be disingenuous which no news reports should ever be. And at this particular moment, when President Trump is not only trying to blame his, countless outrages on fake reporting by a conspiratorial press, but characterizing that press as an enemy of the people and enemies list upon which CNN is at the top. The implications are grave, Washington Post reporter. Paul Farhi is covering this tempest in a teapot dome. Paul welcome back to the show and he saw Bob, alright, let's start with this practice of sourcing misdirection. What CNN did is not especially unusual. It's not unusual at all..

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