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And people think okay. How much of the Armstrong and Getty show tomorrow morning. Six to ten on talk. Six fifty K S T E liked to stop ISIS. Kufra? The Chad Benson show. Google Facebook Twitter, the reach they have is. So massive you have an all powerful all mighty group that is just cuddled up with the Democrats. They're completely left lead. They know their by and you have some arbitrary people deciding what is there is it something that people should or should be seeing. And then they're banning them all the while saying. It's the Chad Benson show. Weekdays at ten talk. Six fifty J S T E. This is a Bloomberg market minute. Investors seized on reports of progress in trade talks with China stocks are higher. Now. The Dow Jones industrials up one hundred forty six points or six tenths percent. Twenty five thousand to twenty six the NASDAQ is up one hundred two points. One point four percent. The S and P five hundred is up twenty one point three quarters of a percent, even after a small uptick, the number of workers joining the unemployment lines remains at a level that indicates a tight job market two hundred sixteen thousand first time claims were filed last week two thousand more than the prior week, another key supplier of components to apple has lowered its revenue estimates the new outlook from AMS of Austria increased investors concerns about I phone demand. AMS makes light sensors for smartphones makers of luxury goods will remain dependent on Chinese consumers for years to come before cast from Bain consultant. NC says China will account for nearly half of all high end sales by twenty twenty-five. Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg radio. Talk. Six fifty K S T E. Driving liberals crazy. Three hours a day every day. The Sean.

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