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So hurtful to not feel seen on tv. 'cause you don't feel like you have a place in big stories in cool. Cgi movies you know that. Sort of heartbreaking. The comedian jimmy yang. Who we had recently on the podcast and phil you. I think also known as angry asian man coined this phrase of the representations sweats where like. Oh god please let the speed good you know. And that's the pressure that i feel like is less and less prevalent. The more that we see new shows new steps forward. One other thing that i would love to like talk about because it's introduced in this new season season two is a nissan. The character of anisa in what she represents to davy. It's this new girl school. Where davy thought that she was the only indian girl at school and to be internalized. What that meant until the arrival of this new girl and isa who she then discovers to her horror is a cool girl young. You might just be objectively lame davey. You might. Just be objectively lame. I remember reading the scripts without plotline came up and i was thinking. Oh my god. This is awesome because like you said the representations wants that's like both and some of the audience side watching the product being like. Please please don't like badly misrepresents. I hope the writers gave them good lines but then the actual performer on the other side of that is thinking. Oh god i have to represent everyone like. Oh my gosh i have to like speak to everyone's experience which is literally impossible unless you wanna make like a amorphous blob of character with no personality. You know so here. We have a niece which is like the antithesis today. The whole other south asian girl with her own set of personality and likes and interests. So it's nice to see because also like the math. Don't check out if there's only one indian girl at school because there's way too many indian people on the planet like just does not make sense so that from that you know we got to south asian girls and then people.

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