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Aaron judge. Judge was walked four times and remains at 60 ohm runs one shine. Roger marriage is 61 AL record. I just reviewed this. I mean, I'm in a camp a walk as a single. So the guy was four for 5 last night, a number of the walks were in three two pitches. He's not like reaching out over the plate trying to get a cheap home run. He's being an adult. He does this. Yeah. But if you look at it at the record, they're putting it down is like zero for one or something, but the official app. But they're pitching to them. Most of these clubs are pitching to them, but that if it get behind, they're not going to give them something to hit. You don't want to be the pitcher to be that guy. You don't want to be the trivia question when it comes up in tribute. I'm sorry, maybe they're on this. Doug Cass is down there dying in Florida Who's behind him betting? I mean, does he have strength behind embedding? Oh, well, yeah. He's the most, he is the most. He's leading off. First of all, to get maximizes the number of fats. And then I think it's been tourism or something. I'm not sure who's batting, but they have good hitters behind them. So people kind of kind of have to pitch them. Yeah, unless you're really in a we agree a walk is a single. Yeah, I agree. I'm in that camp. I've never understood that's Billy ball. You know, the Billy bean, you know? Just get on base. Because two, three, two, some spec exactly. You get two runs. Whoever's the second third and fourth batter, that's she runs. If you do it right. Yeah, I mean, Bill James, I think educated us and all that matters is you score runs. Yep. Nothing else. Did I do okay there? That's more Yankee chat than I've ever done in my entire life. And that's

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