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Pardon you I pardon you this night Jimmy Biden opened the rose garden event by promising to talk Turkey He said the name's peanut butter and jelly were selected for two turkeys at The White House event Peanut butter got the official pardon while jelly is just an understudy both birds will live out their lives at Purdue university In Indiana La Nina is back for a second year in a row and getting stronger in the Pacific Ocean Noah's climate prediction center says there's a 90% chance of la Nina sticking around through February The 90% chance drops down to 50% from March April and May forecasters believe argan and Washington will have a wetter winter while Southern California will likely see below average rainfall Hulu is raising prices once again Matt mattson has more The streaming service is increasing the price of its live TV subscriptions by $5 a month while adding both ESPN+ and Disney+ set to begin December 21st Hulu's subscriptions with live TV will cost 69.99 per month for the ad supported version and 75.99 without ads The increase comes a little over a year from the last price hike when the company raised subscription costs by $10 per month I'm Matt mattson A rare copy of the U.S. Constitution is in the hands of a new owner Citadel founder Kenneth Griffin says he purchased the document at an auction Thursday and paid $43 million for it He intends to lend it to an art museum in Arkansas CVS says its decision to close 900 stores over the next three years is in response to changing shopping trends and how people's healthcare needs are being met The Rhode Island based company says it plans to add health wellness and personal care to its pharmacy services CVS announced Thursday those store closures will begin next spring I'm Brad Siegel And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg news room Two of Europe's banking giants picked the leaders who will help them navigate their next era UBS group today nominated former Morgan Stanley president colm Kelleher to succeed axel Weber as chairman next year A day earlier Deutsche Bank proposed a Dutch insurance veteran Alexander Wyatt's four chairman replacing Paul ack leitner Patrick Orlando whose status as an operator of blank check firms skyrocketed last month when he reached a deal to bankroll former president Donald Trump's media company is scrapping one of his earlier ventures for hunting such transactions Orlando's special purpose acquisition company Yong Hong international plans to dissolve and liquidate It will redeem public shares at 10.31 cents apiece that according to a regulatory filing on Friday Yong Hong based in Wuhan China basically said it couldn't drum up enough business ahead of a deadline in the company's by laws Milk output in the U.S. is on an historic week streak potentially signaling climbing costs for dairy products more from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet Production per cow was less than a year ago for the third month in a row according to government data the last time that happened was more than 20 years ago according to Nate Don a director of dairy market inside its StoneX Group He says farmers are probably feeding their animals less the cost of grains like corn is soaring because of drought storms and robust demand labor and energy costs are also more expensive It's all hurting farmers bottom lines making it more difficult to afford feed Charlie Talbot Bloomberg radio Amid the inflation surge that's rippling through the U.S. economy one of the more obscure products seeing a surge as the price of firewood Talked to firewood vendors in state after state.

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