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Ca George kiddle became only the third tight end ever to have two hundred and ten or better yards in a game. Jackie Smith had two hundred twelve and he's in the hall of fame, Shannon Sharpe. At two hundred. And fourteen he's hall of fame. But kindle, however is the only I in that group, and I'm going to go on a limb ever to catch two hundred ten yards in a single National Football League game and put them all in the first half two hundred ten yards. The first half zero yards second half. How about that crazy? But here's the stat. They don't have to don't worry. This is my this is great. So kill two ten t y Hilton had yard shy of two hundred. He loves to towards the the the Texans loves and Amari Cooper, two hundred seventeen yards. It's the fourth time in NFL history that three players had one hundred ninety a more receiving yards in the same day last time. It happened. November thirteenth nineteen sixty six. When Charlie Taylor bullet. Bob Hayes and Bernie Casey did it on the same day in November thirteenth nineteen sixty six Bernie Casey's. Nope. You ever see? Revenge the nerds. Yes. The Tri lamb. Officer. Oh, yeah. That's Bernie, Casey. Wow. From the from the national try lamb that came to check things out. Right. Right. Right. Actor former player burn Casey come on. Now. Come on. Now, we're can Fort Lauderdale. How about those dolphins? Let's go the phone lines. What's going on after doing rich? I been brother. Oh my God. Fantastic. And I would say I wanna say reading so young Mr. Bronco yet. Patriots house of horror. Miami card in Southie up. Elgin, weird stuff happens there, man. I got I gotta tell you rich. What we've already come up with four eight zero locally what he got Drake update the Drake escape America, one ninety ninth street. Okay. Miami miracle and the shock at the rock. But I gotta tell you. I think the genius Mr. Belleci outsmarted himself. I forgot that Mr. town hill how to bump shoulder. And there was no way on you know, what you're gonna throw it seventy yards and he put Guan's back there. And I gotta give coudl store hall of fame quarterback with on the radio call, Bob, breezy. He pointed out white away. He said what is wrong doing back there? He tackle anyone. And he was allowed to get you. And some people say he got hurt on the play. But rich if I made with your permission, can I write the portion of my phone customers to Brockman. We know Mr. Brockman is a UCF profound. Ater always comes up with excuses. Keep UCF out backup quarterback, which I kinda for five thousand let you see up to second half comeback blowout win over Memphis. Then he's gonna bring up the schedule. But you and I both know rich none of the power five schools are knocking on doors to put up under schedule. And when you tell us you feel abo- Mr. Brockton say well LSU had nothing to play for. So that is why I'll be rooting for Oklahoma and Colorado to go all the way. Okay. Once again. To be true undefeated champion Rick in Fort Lauderdale Rackham. Love it. Good luck. By the way, when I did Instagram out a tweet that I said, it's one of the best Sundays. I can remember. This is amazing. I do want to read this out because Suzy pointed this out I didn't see this in in the mentions. My husband is devoted listener to you. He's a postal carrier here in kings bird, California, and you get him through Monday through Friday, and guess what? He's a Miami dolphin fan. Could you give them a little shout out before the play of the week to Dustin from king's bird, hashtag support USPS in K, Dustin as you make your pointed around listening to us here? That one's for you the Drake escape, that's the winner. That's still winter. That's the winter the Drake escape, what's our winner of our poll question today, Chris. Yeah. Team best poised for a long playoff run. The Los Angeles chargers. Forty six percent Chicago Bears. Thirty four percent Cowboys twenty percent, and I like the Seahawks tonight, and I like to take care of business handily this evening. I think tests tests and went might do a little tap dancing tonight..

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