Egypt Station, Paul Mccartney, ABC discussed on WBT's Morning News with Bo Thompson


Sure so this is a song called come on to me there's a double sided single released today doublesided even mean anything anymore now on itunes but the other song i don't know so two singles and a september seventh release of an album called egypt station from paul mccartney so check that out today newstalk seven ten wbz as we check national headlines and melania trump making a visit to the border yesterday in light of all the tap and this week the executive order that her husband signed the day before more from abc's cecilia vega she wanted to see for herself how they're being treated and also like to ask you how i can help too as quickly as possible during her two hours on the ground mrs trump pepper workers with questions and those children how many times they speak with their relatives families and we for example the children are allowed to communicate with your family twice phone call as mrs trump was in the air headed home photo surfaced the first lady on her way to visit those detained children on the back of her jacket the words i really don't care.

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