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Mm-hmm welcome to another episode of the world shapers winner of the two thousand Nineteen Aurora Award for best fan related work work. I'm your host Edward Willett. I started this podcast where I talked with science fiction and fantasy authors about their creative process. Because I am myself a science fiction I and fantasy author author of Os Twenty novels at this point with The latest one master of the world being tenth novel For New York's DA books Master of the world is the second book in my World Shaper Series which started with world. Shaper the year before. And it's a it's a fun series right It said in a labyrinth of shaped worlds where the people people who shaped those worlds actually live within them rather like authors living inside their created worlds My main character. Shana keys is the shape of the world. She lives in which is very much like ours though. There are a few differences. But she doesn't know that she has somehow forgotten that she shaped this world until a mysterious stranger. Carl yet so shows up and tells me this and then next thing you know. They're running for their lives across her version of our world pursued by the adversary who has stolen the knowledge of the making of her world and can take over complete the if he can just kill her Shawna and Carl escaped spoiler in the first book. And then she's on a quest to travel to as many of these shaped worlds as she can in the vast labyrinth And take the knowledge of they're making a greater the mysterious woman at the center of the Labyrinth. So in the second book she ends up in a world that is inspired by Jules. Very shape was a big fan of Jules Verne. And that's the title master of the World Comes from of course and so it's a world with lots of steam punk elements with submarines and strange flying devices uses and floating islands. And all kinds of things like that. I had a lot of fun writing it. And he's a first person Character and oddly enough she shares my sense of humor. So there's a lot of. There's a lot of Geeky pop culture references and jokes in these books. I'm just finishing up the writing of three Nestor sorry the moonlit world. Yes master the world is the second one the moonlit world which is where Wilson Vampires and peasants. Oh my and that will be out next. September the first two books are out in a trade paperback AUDIOBOOK and e book and mass and World cheaper is also out in mass market. Paperback master the world. Mass market. Paperback should Out in August. I should also mention another book project coming up that to. You might want to help me out with. I plan to to start in January launch a kickstarter to fund an anthology featuring some of the guests from the world shapers first year and we have have some major major names who have said they will contribute a story including Sean Maguire. Tanya Huff Christopher Rocky. Oh He's already he's already ridden run for me. Charles Gannon we also have some reprints from John. SCULLEY has agreed to provide a reprint and there might be some others. Those rose and Joe Haldeman is even said he will provide a poem so it should be a very exciting anthology if we can fund it. So I'll provide more details on that as we get closer to the launch date which should be in mid January twenty twenty. I hope and then one more thing I should mention. Is that the world shapers. PODCAST is part of these Lisa schedule and podcast network which is supported by connects his credit union that is the introductory material out of the way. Let's get onto this episode's guest guest Rebecca Roan Horse Rebecca. Roan horse is a Nebula Hugo and locus award winning speculative fiction writer and the recipient of the two thousand eighteen astounding formerly Campbell Award for best new writer. Her novel trail of Lightning Book. One in the six th world series which is the one we will talk about. The most today won the locus award for best first novel and is a Nebula Hugo and world fantasy finalist it was also selected as an Amazon Barnes and Noble Library Journal and NPR Best Book of two thousand eighteen eighteen among others book to in the six. Th World Series Star of locusts has received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Book List and her next novel resistance reborn as Part Art of Star Wars journey to the rise skywalker in his out in November. Twenty nineteen be about the time this goes live her middle grade novel race to the Sun for Rick reward and presents percents. Imprint will release January and twenty twenty and her epic fantasy novel between Earth And sky will follow late twenty twenty s off a few things out there. Her short fiction can be found at APEX magazine. New Sons the mythic dream and various other anthologies and she also writes nonfiction which can be found in uncanny strange horizons than how I resist in hope for new generation published by Macmillan She lives in northern New Mexico with your husband bought her and pups and it says in her bio here from her her website that she drinks a lot of black coffee. Which I'm having some right now? So they go. You can't we'll talk about where you can find her online later on but to welcome to the world shapers Rebecca look for having me I always look for connections and we have A. We haven't met but you were born in Arkansas Lived in Texas and went to university in New Mexico and I was born in New Mexico lived in Texas and went to university in Arkansas. So there's a certain certain certain. Although I live in Canada and I was born in Silver City New Mexico my parents were living in a little town called bared down there so but didn't live there. Yeah that is south that I'm in the north but I know where it is so Let's go back into the mists of time as I like to say to my guests and talk about where you grew up how you got interested in writing. And in speculative fiction in particular Most of US start with readers and I think from reading leading and I think for meeting some of our other interviews that suck. I was kind of the case for you too. Yeah absolutely always a huge science fiction. Fantasy Fan As long as I can remember I've been reading in the genre and I seek really my first sort of big. Wow book was Dune by Frank. Herbert read that one in that blew the doors wide open. You know in the fantasy room I of course I read that Bulgaria. I read All wheel of time books like those were well. Okay not all of them. That's true good point. I haven't read the last few I think I'd tapped out like I don't the probably book five or six or something now. I can't even remember but I'm very excited for the Amazon show. That is coming. I'm really curious to see what they do with it So you you were born in Arkansas. You grew up in Texas But then you ended up in in New Mexico and you didn't and actually studied writing university. Were you writing as a kid. Yeah absolutely so oh Grew up in Fort Worth Texas. M My mom is actually from okay when gave Pueblo which is in New Mexico And so I. I didn't return into New Mexico into law school actually so I did my undergraduate on the East Coast and a master's degree But when I was in Fort Worth I was already writing. I think I wrote my first I would say my first science fiction short story when I was in seventh grade. I always joke about. We had a science if I answer report and we were supposed to like is some very dry facts about the planets like you know how big they are and how far apart they are and that sort of thing and I turned added into this very dramatic telling of this astronaut doing research. Who for some reason? I can't remember now to like commit suicide by driving giving into the sun at the end so it was very much like tell my wife and kids I love them. You know dead and I turned that in for my science project checked and my that is impressed as I had been with my own work and I think I gotta be a B. Plus or something because because that was not the assignment but Yeah you know from there. I was hooked and I've been sort of writing my own stuff every since I kind I only got serious about writing. I just did if my own pleasure I was a practicing attorney for ten years before that I was A computer programmer programmer. Actually for ten years and Just writing was in the background. It was just something that I love to do for myself. I never even thought about getting published Until about two thousand and sixteen when I decided to take it a little more seriously now Did you show. You're you're writing to your friends when you're writing as a young writer. I often ask that question because it's something. I urge young writers to do when I'm teaching writing because it's the way to find out if you can tell stories that people back. Apparently your teacher was not completely impressed with your first effort. Did you share your stories with other people so in eighth grade. I had a great great eighth grade English teacher and we actually did a group novel like each week. You know came up with the whole story as a class. And then we each were responsible for chapter and It was I don't know there were some. I gotTA dominated the as I recall a lot of the The world building. 'cause I was really into it and there was an smugglers and there were some You know sort of Galactic police said this sort of thing and I definitely share shared that one I probably over shared that I fought morstead on people and then am all through high school or at least my last couple of years of high school. I guess I was as an editor for our creative writing magazine. And so not only did I get to do some editing and which was basically like picking what stories we're going to be in a magazine but I put a lot of my work into that as well and a lot of that was poetry or short fiction. Like excerpts of you know I I don't know what you would call vignettes or something maybe a little flash fiction but I don't think we called it back then but yes I think those years I was always sharing probably probably over sharing and then I'm I guess for some of my time I had a friend who wrote as well. And we you would share stories like she would write something we'd be critiqued partners But only for fun and it was never really serious But I was never I I about showing my work per se. Well I was also interested when you you didn't study writing but what you studied is very interesting because you received a B in religious studies from Yale and a masters in theology from Union theological seminary..

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