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Texting while driving is a primary offense which means. new text your question to our weekend experts two one two three to be smart about it we still want to hear from you via text just not while you're driving this community texting reminder brought to you by save testing and news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. doctor Boettcher city main DC hosted news ninety six five W. D. vios burn fat Orlando dot com listen this Saturday at seven AM and six PM again this Sunday at eleven AM and six PM to learn how we can help you lose up to twenty to thirty pounds or more naturally with absolutely no drugs or shots. yeah buying a car can be stressful did you get the best price a good one did you get the Kerr you wanted without the high pressure tactics well there is a better way simply put sun state board on west colonial drive in Orlando does not play games every vehicle comes with a fifteen year one hundred fifty thousand mile warranty fifteen years or a hundred fifty thousand miles only sun state board has this morning and you know it's a good deal with sun state board straightforward pricing if you buy from sun state you get presidential service check customer reviews online they're great sun state for price warranty and customer service one two three sun state for just five minutes from downtown Orlando on west colonial drive and it's unsafe for dot com. the same great cut to size for your device on your mac or PC enjoyed or apple. news ninety six five dot com. thanks for twenty four hour news weather and traffic morning household hurry can be worse than anything I forget throwing. one person that understands you need to move quick in the morning and your need for news weather and traffic Alexis wake up and listen at home every morning. news ninety six point five WBO.

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