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Other players is just this lineup as a whole is really doing it for itself probably harvey espn yankees reporter joining us live from the booth out in anaheim as we get set for sunday night baseball yankees and the angels a sabbatical you're gonna make the star tonight for the yankees he'll all with brexit the last two remaining players from that and yankees world series team back in two thousand nine how much value do those to bring with a young ball club in that clubhouse they they are the clear leaders they are the clear veterans of but you're also seeing some of those younger quote unquote players who are still maybe a little up in age comparatively speaking i like john carlos stanton aaron judge they're setting examples too by the way that they that they go about their business you know aaron boone has mentioned often the extra work that he's witnessed giancarlo stanton put in i've seen some of it myself to there there've been times where before the games especially during those stretches were stanton struggling where you know reporters you know we we want to you know maybe talked to stanton about something doesn't necessarily have to do with this slot but wanna talk to him in general and he's not in there because he's in the film room getting an extra rep's there he's in the batting cage getting an extra there after games he sometimes a little bit late coming to us because he's getting in extra swings there and so it's not just ccn and gardner you know you're seeing some of these other key pieces have though those same types of leadership qualities and that's reverberating throughout the rest of the locker room the rest of the clubhouse and you know and that's when a player like didi gregorius is able to go off and it's not it's not a surprise because because again you're you're saying it throughout this clubhouse and you know and that's that that just.

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