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Quickly is that mean like in the next two weeks within the next couple of years all right. That's a different story. Then 'cause you're gonna see him right. Tony right now mack. Jones is in the best situation as a rookie quarterback success. I'm not done reading. Cost the team around him will be better than any of the other teams for the other. Quarterbacks unless trae lance is going to be you know alternating series alternate. There's more here honi. Romo at sam darnold has the it factor. Okay and compared him to peyton manning all right well tony romo compared zach wilson to patrick mahomes instead. It's rare for me to say someone has the ability getting stratosphere of a patrick mahomes. I think this kid actually has that ability anymore. There for sam darnold. No that was. Have you ever heard one guy who's currently a broadcast they say in looks great. You're never if i went out there and was taken reps for the jets. Tony romo be like. He looks like he's got some. Uh some abilities that quarterback i feel like casually ripped some guys up. That's what that whole murray. He's he's low profile. You're like phil simms. You never year him. Rip anybody guys talking about the guys condoms heads. Now that's true like so like the major networks guys. Yeah they will always you say. Hey what do you think of. You can make up a quarterback. They guys got tremendous upside. He can make all the throws out all the throw. Legal the throat. So i did a game last year and some guy. Struggler came in throw boss said well. He could do that in canada. But you can't do it in the nfl percents. Nadine's i got. I got to say but it's also like truth draft day everybody's awesome meantime. What percentage of guys they get drafted actually have a real nfl career so many players get drafted by the wrong teams. That's why i mean. In in whatever the reason may be in the case of sam darnold. They gave him. The starting job was twenty years old. Nfl team that has a history of nothing but screwing it up. And because of two coaches to general managers ownership over in britain. The whole thing. I mean you just had no chance for success and top on it all over again no but no but i feel better now because this general manager hired this coach the original owners back. And i'm saying that he's you know the next coming of. I don't know jerry jones. Whatever i don't know. Whoever bob kraft would probably the most successful owner in the last twenty years. He's not that but but they do have stability that that's the thing that i've been screaming about ever since tanenbaum and Rex ryan left. Remind me jerry. Jones said that he eats a what a burger. If it's been sitting out for an hour still eat it. He won't warm it up. that's how much he loves being waterberg. John middletown johnny. What's happening today boobs on the boomer science and restaurants to are lately i like echinacea spot the spot to you Recommended beverly roost. Off the charts. Yeah very good right. Oh my god. We actually had brunch there. Saturday sunday was fantastic. After having been there thursday. So i never went over to the beach. Davos another is another good spot. Yep that's over in jersey. Where do you come to new york places that i recommend. I'm going to have to try it out. But the next time you down the jersey way i'd love to maybe sign my The f. shirt from plugging anthem that. I just all nice that. I appreciate johnny. Thank you very much and Just keep taking my suggestions. You will not be sorry. That was my suggestions. All the time i do their great great restaurants suggestions that wasn't a wfan caller right there. I don't know this is what i did on my vacation. Please signed something for me Okay jerry is here. And he's got an update. What's going on jerry howard by super book now open with better odds and favourable prices also brought to you by winters bros. way systems long island number one choice for all your waste collection and recycling needs visit winters bros. dot com couple from football since. That's where we were just discussing So obviously cowboys bucks thursday night. You've got the injury to zach. Not the injury you've got the covert situation with. Zack martin for the cowboys. That said dak prescott for the first time in stead injury against the giants. We'll be on the field and he is set. I'm ready. i'm definitely right. I mean i'm excited. I put a lot of work to get to this point. And then we'll see what he holds up to against these super bowl. Defending champions on thursday night football you got the jets and carolina got the giants in denver. The chiefs will play the browns This weekend a couple of thing. Yeah this sunday. Here was andy reid so you wonder what it means to these guys to have a day off when they're not supposed to have a day off so harrison but ghur. He's the kicker so on sunday reed would basically challenged him and he was gonna offer the team they off if he succeeded here was retelling a special teams coach to go talk to butger. Bring them up. I'm gonna let him kick for the monday. Yes so what he had to do was sixty yards. Here was the special teams coach. Or maybe this was read telling the team what's going on. We have monday off no pressure but don't feel what field goal you doing. Nfl record the nfl right. He made the kick. Wow and there's no are you doing. He made the kick it. Was you know whatever they went nuts. They got the day off so nice little earn day for the boys as they get into week. One nickname is bought. Which is unfortunate better than ass. On on sunday we would if we wanna game on sunday. We'd be screaming. You know winning monday winning monday. Meaning and automatically tuesday off. Monday tuesday off. So you had like a real pray. Tyrod taylor will be the starting quarterback for the texas week against the jaguars josh. Norman signed with the forty niners. The ravens give tight end. Mark andrews four year extension fifty six million dollars. All right the baseball we go yankees blue jays yesterday. Toronto scoring early unle the one. Oh swung on ripped ripta left down. The law and that ball is gone and the left beal seats Homerun forte oskar hernandez so christie's i man hits one in the love field seats and toronto takes up four nothing lead when it got worse for christie because he gave a grand slam to marcus semi five runs in the. But you're away. Did you see the sterling story with ricky. Ricardo saved a drowning leibel. Yeah ricky couldn't wait to tell that story boy. We know a couple of guys around here. The credit i know but it made me think a you because you save the guy's life and then you accidentally told it on the air like three months later. Ricky ricardo magill of a story though. No one is elvis. Hell a story. Susan is the one that heart of she deserves some credit asolutely. She could have called sweeny but she knew there. Ricky lived near john so now sends s answers the questions that they actually do like john. Oh yeah of course. Not just waiting for him to die. Oh imagine rough. No like rookies. Like sorry john and waiting for this for a long time. This is not right. I wouldn't put anything past any dude. You know what i mean. What has happened to you guys. Any i expected from g come on you. Just do i know i did. I did a drowning john sterling thing. I'm just saying that that would have been an unbelievable set a circumstances and this is the guy that he could replace any owner of across his mind at all. It macer maggie. Ask ricky do you ever think about the john dodd drowns. You have that job do you think about that. I would have been really after up. But like i can kinda.

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