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Out a fullpage ad in the new york times saying you want to vindicate your second amendment rights give us a ring produced centrally got the word out talk to uh i would say between two and three dozen people they all had really interesting stories they found a guy who was gay gentleman named tom palmer who had previously been assaulted when he lived in california because he was gay was almost murdered by a skinhead ma romaphobia thugs and he wanted a gun to protect himself our lead plaintiff was an african american woman name shelly parker she was trying to protect yourself against local drug dealers and the cops actually told her she should get a gun which was illegal weird so they had this whole groups that we ended up with three men three women mid20s today early 60s former white to a africanamerican and the problem they ran into was that all of these super sympathetic plaintiffs didn't have this very special thing they needed to bring a case standing staff the which assist illegal term meaning they they didn't have a sufficient grievance to be in court like if you're gonna bring a case you have to show that you've been actually harmed by not being able to get a gun you have to show some physical concrete proof that harm has been done that you've been denied a gun and none of the plaintiffs had that except for one guy dick sean i am that's may occur to meet you and you dekalb was your had said sean this is my favorite head make america free again who so he actually gets paid by the freedom with a big western handgun in the center and it looks like you drew a triggered out there is that what you did well it was missing the trigger so we had updated whose we meet okay where i met dick read outside the supreme court the building where he became famous he's slim's seventy five year old white guy sports classes that look straight out of the 70s gotta situation here you want to cross sure what's.

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