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As anything but sarcastic. I think there's a way in which having little ones make sense in a more stressful bills. At least you not a thing that you have to do your time that you and are busy and so in that sense and also we've been taking tons to work for so long right but it means that you never really off together in who is taking on your ten but this year it was like neither messaging anything. That's quite gifts. That was our problem. We were a well oiled machine seen each other three hours a day. We know how to do that. We have done that for another forty years but all of a sudden hold on a second here the other twenty four seven. What the hell does this look like me clearing my throat like an hour a day is probably manageable but six hours a day you know. God bless her. Yeah yeah again. We have space where we live which helps films and yeah which is good. Okay now promising. Young woman i'm going to era grievance right now which i love to do new favorite thing to do shows evolving into my list of my grievances so i tried my hardest to watch the movie and there were so many layers of security. I must say. I created passwords. I downloaded app. I had to take a picture of a barcode. Finally i was like they're not gonna let me watch this fucking movie and i watched the trailer and i'm so pissed because the trailer is awesome and i love the idea of this movie and i was furious that it was impenetrable as a link. That's the thing of the moment isn't it. I they getting a text message to your phone. If you're not in phone signal you didn't get the message is like Yeah yeah and i get you know. Piracy's in issue but at the same time so as you gotta kinda way. You're going to prioritize but in a nutshell you are a law school student and you left early. As i'm assuming the result of some sexual trauma med school dropout and years later still living with parents in very much looks like a childhood bedroom and i am getting out multiple nights a week pretending to be really drunk very convincingly i'm going to add because in the beginning of the trailer you'd think that fucked up and you're about to ginks assaulted and it's scary. Yeah yeah and then she waits for somebody to inevitably take her home and then she reveals. She's stingles aiba. oh Yeah there's a fucking moment trailer with our favorite human being adam brody. What how much do we love him. God i love him. He's so brilliant in the slow. But there's a moment where he keeps going door. I don't worry don't worry. And she's keeps on on on on and he goes on between our legs in she just pops up and look some dead in the face and said what are you doing. I probably got the dialogue wrong but something like that. Oh my god exciting. It's a twist on a revenge movie. Yeah it was emerald fennell who writes director. She wanted to write revenge movie. That felt like what she would actually do. And she's a killing eve director. She was the show runner on the second season killing and actress them. She plays commander in the crown. All you just hit. Monica right but is into the crowd obviously been wanting to talk to you about the crown since the whole time. It's all you wanna talk. Everyone whose english. I have to ask about the crown. Royal's what do you feel about the royals. I love the royal. I don't seem the latest season. It's really i've seen everything else i was brennan lansing this one. Yeah i've been watching bridgeton. What have you been great yet. Richardson the shonda rhimes show on netflix. Oh into okay yeah. This is an english show. We're consuming right now that we love happy valley. Have you seen that. no. I haven't but it's meant to be amazing equitable and then your movie of course reminds me of our favorite show of last year. Which was i may destroy you. Did you watch out my god mazing. She's incredible that woman is a tour de force of four hundred major watching not shy. But i will say like could barely. I was like watching it but i couldn't watch. I watched the whole thing in two days. She's extraordinary mechanical. She's unreal orient definitely looking at similar stuff in film. Yeah yeah so happy there. These story more and more of these female perspective storms in even in the trailer they hit on. Oh chris lows in it by the way i saw he was. Maybe the perpetrator of. I don't know that's what i'm gathering. Chris is amazing chris sir. We was so excited to him to be in the film. The cool thing about is that actually none of these people were in for longer than like two or three days of filming. So we had like molly shannon jennifer coolidge corner. Britton adam brady and chris lower sandwiches and then they all coming in like a day. You know and doing nothing gang. Isn't that fun for you to like. Here's your smorgasbord of super talented people. That are gonna come and crush for a day and you're gonna watch. Yeah it was not. We'll say incredibly difficult to come into the film particularly one like of which has a very particular tone because it is adult comedy. But it's very really dark comedy and you need to come in and do a day. 'cause coming into a day on anything nightmare was i couldn't agree on it before and it's just so nerve racking and meeting the croon trying to understand the dynamics everything but everyone was just. It was insane like every day. Emerald and i would be the ones are up to. It's just completely. i mean. We just the most athletic breath is like some brilliant in the film and she was on the first day of filming she. In the i team she came across it so amazing. It's.

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