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Auto expert with Nick miles continues from Lamborghini Allesandro has just finished being in an F one race. And he's joining us on the phone to talk about the Lamborghini, con Coupet and the spider will the dynamics of the spider be identical will despite a be a little more agile despite a has the same. Themselves. Designed is the Kupa, of course being. Spy, the Yukon enjoy at another level that driving the rule. And of course, enjoying more wall, what is the sound of the engine? The annual exhausted gives the. The highest that say in the end the pleasurable driving. Guinea also because he's a natural yesterday today engine that ten months intense all the best that you can do day into the one of the things that you did. Of course. Now we've taken the top off. So you can experience the outside, but the interior of the car is probably one of the most astounding things about the vehicle because you didn't just pack it with Indians. Take stuff out and make it like way you actually put a lot of cool technology on the inside. And that includes the infotainment screen, you can do a lot with that screen, including tapping the screen with two or three fingers to. She makes the screen do sit and things. So muting volume tapping it in a way, if you want to hear that sound of the engine instead of the music, you're listening to was it important to you to have the interior technologically advanced of this, this vehicle because a lot of times, manufact-. As of supercars tend to take a lot out. But you seem to have put a lot of cool stuff into this vehicle. The federal. Ahead of you and the sense that we do the, you know, to be who sold. The technology also intentional infotainment heroes. A we basically introduced these displayed is attached, screen display, and the with the UK in cholesterol, basically. Of course foam the Cohn c- them. Media, and then you can also have under control NC, while is doing it because you have the. That brain that retail the reacting that real time you can see exactly how they behave shows how much talk in defaulting via how much he's on the last day ride, because. And bill. You see also the angle that he's gave into the steering wheel phone. We, it's the. And it is intentional scored so to announce the expedience and also to provide a clients who we said they latest technology, heavy connected car. You can have that yet. And on is an old peachy. You can even have the full integrated with to Camara's into the and, of course, for those who won't like driving going their race suck as a public can have. Absolutely. If you're going to have such a wonderful piece of machinery, you wanna make sure you can share your driving experience with everybody Vira by those cameras. So we get to drive the spider.

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