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To say here is we're going to go assumes the vaccine is available. You've got to get everyone to go and you've got to persuade people to get out because a vaccine is only as effective as the number of people who get it. That's true you but the initial step needs to be a prioritization. Right? And this is really where public policy comes to the fore and a mixture of ethics also needs to be woven into these decisions. Obviously, we need to get out as much vaccine as possible. If we're to understand that the results are what they are from the Pfizer vaccine, but starting with first responders, making decisions around whether the elderly get it first or not. This this kind of first stage if you will of the delivery of the vaccine and who gets it and how we get it to the most effectively and efficiently these air riel public policy decisions. These air the President Mike Pence's decision as the chairman of the task force, but assume from I just think out loud. You just said the key thing who gets it first and its doctors and medical staff and it's the elderly. They are the most vulnerable people. And so you get they get the purple band They get the winning band called Call it, You Know that the red pink, the Red Band says right away. And they go to the center that is established and they get right to the front of the line or you send it. Every county will know every senior facility, right? Yep, right. No, that's right. I mean, the again the importance of getting this down to the most local level and having those Decisions made the advantage There is local health authorities know exactly where the so called hot spots are. Or, however, we designate this by color bands. They're going to know where the where the vaccine needs to go to first. And they've got politics has to be dropped aside. Then that's got to go abroad, Pete and just think out loud. How would you do that? The world will clamor for this right and we will have the production facility. How do you do it? Well again, you're gonna have to work through, uh, the international organizations, the national contact that we have in various health department. Obviously, we have our own system here in the United States. But if you go abroad They tend to be much more nationalised or federalized. We have a very unique system here in the United States, that really does operate through a number of local municipalities. When you start to go abroad, you're looking at much more. Federalized nationalized systems, but that being said Oh, and and back to the trump legacy. What another amazing salute to the American system. Really? If this if this vaccine is what it is the fact that the This pandemic came from abroad. But America is responding through its innovation and again a combination of public private partnerships government working with With industry to heal not only the nation, but the world. You know, I can imagine that Secretary of State Pompeo and National Security Advisor O'Brien, along with the president and the vice president will field Hundreds of phone calls of desperate people, and they're gonna have to figure out Who gets it first. I mean, they can license the formula, and I'm sure fighter will do that. But that's all got to run through Donald Trump. I mean, it's not a Joe Biden issue, not a transition team issue. It's a Donald Trump issue, and I think he probably has more in Mark Meadows. He certainly has someone who will be inclined. To put aside politics and do the the best buy everyone immediately. Yeah, I think that's right, Hugh. I mean, if there was ever a set of policy decisions where politics, personal relationships or otherwise really needed to be removed, it's It's a set of ones that air coming now to the White House, and so And again. This also strikes the legacy. I mean, we're going to be talking not only about The vaccine and how it was developed. And, Ah, you know this engagement with government and the dropping of regulations to make this happen, But now we're moving on to the Delivery phase, and that's going to be another set of Only decisions but discussions that are going to be debated for months and years to comment, so the focus on efficiency effectiveness And getting this out a cz widespread and as quickly as we can really needs to be the total and complete focus that tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of lives depend upon decisions made in the next week or so in consultation. With the executive branch and the foreign governments around the world. It's AH, it's an interest in the books will be written about the next 60 days. Pete Peterson. Yeah, That's absolutely right. You mean the this Administration began in history, and it will end with historic decisions. And so I think very fitting off what we've experienced these last four years it I agree with you that legacy. And healing, literal and figurative need to be the focus of these next few months. Pete Peterson, dean of the Pepperdine in graduate School of Public Policy, Thank you for joining me before the sun comes up in California. I want to get one more call in from Georgia. Lance, where you calling from Lance? How dare you, Georgia and where is that? It's about 90 Miles north of Savannah. It's right between making around Are you Listen on 7 20 out of Macon. No, we can't. Look, stakes burrow and I can't get that cyclist too, you know, and well, thank you. Good to have the owner nap, sending around. What do you think about the special elections on January 5? After a lot of Republicans went one does war action. A CZ, You said it's a radical. Only reason he's in the runoff Coast Collins and left her slip about. Um and I think, uh, you know, Davor do was within That's really end of winning without a runoff. So I think that should replicated sail from January. But are you gonna work to make sure I mean, we can't take that for granted? They should win their center right? People in a center right state running against radicals. They should win. But not if people are are discouraged because President Trump has not won. I mean, we got to get the Republicans going. Well, I mean this area sites. I mean, I'm in southeast Georgia. This is The red country. The problem's going to be in Savannah, Brunswick, Albany in Atlanta. That's your problem. Yeah, but that but the deep Reds got to get even deeper red. I mean, you've got to go out and you got to get people to show up like they've never shown up before. I'll tell you what would drive it. I know you can take your focus off the presidential at this point. I don't know if you said it's a lost cause. Why would you think that people think there's a chance that something could be turned around in the presidential elections? They'll drive even harder, so I wouldn't Encourage the Republican Party and the leadership not to get to give up on that issue. Not Teo. Absolutely. In Georgia. The recount matters a lot. They got to do it. They have to do it, Lance. Thank you. I also have to tell you about relief factor dot.

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