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P s top news has brought to you by van Meter homes Find a home that's right for you at van meter homes dot com. Good afternoon. I'm Sean Anderson. I'm Hilary Howard. Mike Jack itis is our producer coming up. We continue to follow a couple of developing stories this afternoon. First severe weather moving through the listening area. We'll have the latest coming up in just moment, and a gunman has killed at least eight at a rail yard in San Jose, California and in Fairfax County. Authorities search for a person of interest at Springfield couple is killed in their front yard this morning. Former Virginia Senator John Warner, who served for decades in the Senate, has died on Capitol Hill. I. Mitchell Miller, Wizards and Sixers play Game two of their playoff series. Tonight We'll have a preview 3 45. It is 3 31. Breaking weather news here on Double D t o P. We've got strong storms moving through the region from the West. Let's get back to storm team force. Mike Standiford, What do you say? Good afternoon, still washing two distinct severe thunderstorms over our western suburbs southeastern Washington and southwestern Frederick County and Maryland, also northeastern Loudoun County, Virginia, under a severe thunderstorm warning until four o'clock Starting full radar, showing a band of severe thunderstorms and winds up to 60 miles an hour stretching from Middletown through Jefferson through the prince would carry and around love. It's still moving off to the northeast of 25 Miles an hour main threat here wins it. 60 Miles now another cell of tracking right along the I 81 cord or a warning for southeastern Frederick County in Virginia, Northern Warren County in Virginia and Clark County, Virginia, goes until 4 15. Severe thunderstorms stretching from Berryville westwards around Stephen City area moving off to the east at 20 Miles an hour and this morning goes until 4 15 another heavy thunderstorm around the Thurman area. In fact, we just have a new warning. Here. Let me pull this up here for you. I'm just a very thunderstorm warning for south for North eastern Washington County in northwestern Frederick County in Maryland until 4 15. We're seeing a severe thunderstorm near Boonsboro That's about seven miles south of municipal Stadium. Moving east at 20 Miles an hour and here to this cell may produce winds of up to 60 Miles. Now, keep in mind. The entire area is under a severe thunderstorm. Washington 10 o'clock this evening back in a couple minutes with your complete forecast, breaking uses also. W T O peace in San Jose. Eight people were killed in a shooting this morning at a light rail facility. The suspect, 57 year old co worker is also dead. San Jose Mayor Sam Accardo. We are in a very dark moment,.

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