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We got a little Madonna story today. You guys actually we have to Madonna stories. So last night, Andy Cohen in his clubhouse was the first time he had an audience. First time he was in the studio and the guests are in the studio is, uh yuzu Adobo Adobo and John Benjamin Hickey, and they both start in treatment on HBO. And John Benjamin Hickey. He's a character actor shows up in lots of movies and TV shows. But he's good longtime friends with Andy Cohen, a A. He was directing Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick in that Broadway show that they were going to be like. They're great, right, And he's just a real interesting guy. He played Laura Linney's brother and Showtime's The Big C, which is an amazing show. Anyway, they had, really. It was a fun, fun audience, and he appeared in the revival of Cabaret on Broadway 20 years ago, and he's asked this by someone who asked him if he ever got star struck, like, okay, the audience. Have you ever been star struck during a performance when you looked out at the crowd and saw celebrity? Have I ever been star struck by someone in the audience when you when you? Yeah, I did a long time ago. 20 some years ago, Um at the beginning of our friendship, I did a revival of the musical cabaret and I did it with the great Natasha Richardson and Alan Cumming. And one night in the audience. Madonna was there and we were all so excited that she was there and and there were kind of lights at the end of the story. Oh, and Madonna, Southern, Our leading lady know a lady who was not happening backstage with steam coming out of who is how dare she? Don't sit in braid your hair have some manners, Especially if all you know. All eyes are on you. So I guess that was a version of being starts. Where you but not in the right way. Um, were you But were you were you clocking? Or were you like? Oh, yes, I know. I was back then I still end that way a little bit. I get a little You know, I put tunnel vision like I don't really, especially if somebody famous is out there somebody I respect a lot of respect as an actor. Have you been on stage when movie killer he's quoting Patti LuPone. Um, have you been on stage? When has Meryl been in any of your body in the field, right? A few quite a few of the normal heart daughter. Normal heart. Okay, That's good record. I mean, Grant. We're probably going to call you Rock or a few times. But Donny no worries. No worries. Just too. That's why we played Ray of light at the beginning because that Broadway revival of Cabaret Opened in 98 the same year as Madonna's ray of light. And if you remember her whole look and Everything was spiritual nays, navel gazing yoga. So maybe braiding her hair was, you know, like part of the thing, But can you that was like I was like, I like that. That teeth is she's sitting there braiding her hair during no performance. Well, the whole thing is that everyone's watching Madonna because she's the big, huge star and think of the year. It is It's 20 years ago, and she's the big your extraordinary servants going to watch her braid your hair. How annoying with happy well, Steam was coming out of Natasha Richardson's ears. I believe in two John Benji believe it. Am And if you remember we talked about How? Um, she fired Diablo Cody from writing her biopic about herself. Wait a minute. The MC stories that Apparently then yesterday on Twitter, she shows, um, sitting with my favorite biatch. I mean, writer Erin Walton Wilson, and it's a picture of the two of them and so Erin is, he wrote like the screenplay for secretary. She wrote the screenplay for Got Girl on the train, and she's written some other ones, so sure they're working on what Madonna and Diablo came up with. And maybe there were creative differences. Me telling this story because, um I mean, it's her life she gets to decide. I think it's a terrible idea that she's direct even involved, right? Yeah, and because it was like, truth or dare was supposed to be a documentary about her and then the director of this, Alec Alex Cation convinced her No. We need to include the backup dancers because it gives a whole bigger picture of the whole and, of course, that's like one of the best concert. Documentaries ever. I have seen it. I never would put it in the get agree It's the best ever. What your it's that's like in the mid nineties. Right? So I mean, you know, having that included, like if Madonna is just going to do like all of her best of moments like we saw the trouble share had with her Broadway. Revival and hopefully her biopic is not going to be the same thing. But if we want to compelling, we need storytelling, Maybe without Madonna's hand in it, so Well, but it sounds like she's handing him with the writer, the new writer writer, But listen to this. So Madonna has a fan. That's his queen on it in the insta. And Aaron has the fan that says, be Aaj. Okay. So again, My dad is in charge. And Erin's going to dictate and right the way Madonna wants her to write. He must have needed a job. I mean, what a horrible Well, because you know we are there. Any words from Diablo quota at all about, you know? No. Clearly, Diablo got paid whatever she got paid Which Madonna is directing. We don't know which Madonna's Madonna with the cheek implants, the Madonna, who knows Well, let's get to the disturbing things about today at all the picture. We have turned the picture. Never know Madonna is Jack and a freeze on Instagram and Jack interface in real life. I mean, I can't help her. I can't figure it out. I mean, when you see her in real life, it's very different from her. And so with her filters, you know what I'm saying. Grant? Doesn't look the same little different. Definitely different, different, but she's writing with her child lover. Yeah, I like the story You need to know about to put this on your calendar Joy. Do you remember when Hollywood wise for people were too young in 1983 to be aware of its impact, But there is a book that came out Hollywood wives by Jackie Collins Course that was like basically a fictionalized story of all, and people were trying to guess who the Hollywood wives were like a fictionalized version of real life Hollywood CNN on June 27th, and it got its premiere last week at the Tribeca Film Festival. The movie is called Lady Bus. The Jackie Collins story. And it is getting, um, amazing.

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