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My dad had a similar situation. He worked. He had a store like in the hood on Myrtle avenue in Brooklyn, which now is like super nice place. People come in their sky was born in Iran. He barely speaks English and people come in. And they would talk like a box was big at the time. And what the hell you talking about? How could you get cited about it? They were they were have these rags that they would use the mop their heads in the some some. I forget what it was called one of my guests mixture be called it a Turk drag. That's not what it was them wouldn't understand why they would want and what they would want it to even go out of his way and say, how do I get these tiny little towels if people love, and I don't even know where they're buying. It didn't care for eventually goes down the store. That's always said myself once you get place where you don't get your customers just move on because it's going to fail anyway. So you weren't situation. I wish we knew that. Because I a today. He told me go run any marketing said talked customers, go fly out meet people like ask questions back. Then we were like, we're not love him. Do I think about Nathan berry with Vert kit. He loves his customers, but he's not feeling with like in full market or type. I mean with with marketer. Marketers you dealing with creates. I keep down away to create the software for the people you love. Yeah. I mean, no, I don't I don't know. But like I said, I still don't know what I love like I still. Back to that eighteen year old girl was like what's your purpose here and the only been able to? Yeah, I think it's not it's people, right? Like, I was like my superpowers people. I love the team that I work that. That's why I said I said go to the beach. It's not that. I think that you guys like to go to the beach, but I'm doing research, I'm entering Natalie's world. I go to while dot com. I don't see a lot about what this fricken software is the customers. Really what I see is meet the wild bid family. I see Chris's legs on the website and everyone else's legs. Because they're on the beach hanging out. We are wild bit me in the pool with a noodle. Oh, I didn't even see that. Like a photo of everyone on the team. And I guess that's what it is for you. Like, you just love the team you love the way that you guys operate. And that's the thing that gets you going. That's my main product, that's the main product. That's I that's what I believe. I added Kristen I like when either way I look at it as the products in Nabl us. I mean, we are passionate about our customers than anybody who ask for like we build great offer. We adore them. I'm grateful to them for a neighboring this while bit to exist, where we get experiment that we get to do whatever we want and all in the name of understanding how we can provide. The I want the team wild exists to provide for life outside of wild. But right. That's the point. It's not it's not my friend. Shane Mack invested in his company assist. They create chap for enterprise clients. He said, we don't really care about the product honing. You don't care about the product everyone else here how gonna compete with like people who are going to come work for me. How am I going to compete with the things that they could get from all these other Silicon Valley companies that are here that are gonna go public any minute. Now, I think you with that. So what I'm gonna do is. I'm not gonna compete with them on salaries are not gonna compete with them on on bonuses. And or stock options or whatever it is. I'm gonna compete with them by giving our people really good life..

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