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You supporting the show. The podcast thank you very much for being part of the patriot. Family putting the show on the we'll start with the headline story today. Votes volumes main plant involves berg. Might face historically low output this year and it needs a faster shift to all electric vehicles to remain competitive that is according to vw's top labor officials rights news twenty-four dot com volkswagen's main plant involves berg. Might face the issues there. But that's because the rollouts of the electric car that's coming. The trinity is what is known. As at the moment is still jew in twenty twenty six and that oviously apart from the shaved maths of being five years away is a lifetime away in how many amazing vehicles are going to be on the market between now and then and that's too late. According to vw officials. Furthermore global chip shortage also happens to be affecting the manufacturing advice berg due to the persistent scarcity of semiconductors. The output at the factory has looked like it could fall below twenty twenty levels and of course that was when co vid struck. It pushed the production down to below five hundred thousand cars a year. According to vw's works council vw's initial goal agreed in a labor packed. Five years ago was eight hundred twenty thousand vehicles for that factory and they're saying the way to get around Shrinking combustion sales. He's happening everywhere is to make more vs so management wants it buyers wanted and even the workers at vw and of course we're talking. Germany historically very strong labor representation with unions and that representation being.

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