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American people and there was an event in while the end of january in sixty eight and a continued into february the tet offensive north vietnamese troops viet cong actually entered saigon people were watching news reports they could see the explosions in the background it was very ironic robin because most military experts will say we won the tet offensive the north lost more soldiers than we did in strict military terms we won but those visuals coming into the living rooms of americans have a crystal clear that what johnson was saying about the war was simply not true leading connolly talk about some of those images that came back the photo of her south vietnamese chief of national police executing a prisoner pointblank i mean well that's right i mean the the idea that people can conduct kind of ethical wars almost early shattered in the theatres of vietnam written images of people being assassinated on street images of young children whose skin is based we being peeled off by napalm i mean there's a whole range of images of whole villages simply being you know scorched earth right and the and the difficulty of maintaining any kind of support for the warned vietnam really does begin to evaporate again with teten 68 but then also upon the revelations of the meal amassing room which happened in sixty eight on by american troops where five hundred unarmed men women and children in south vietnam are are killed an initial reports around this made it sound absolutely like your typical courageous firefight and as the truth begins to come out even after an attempted coverup from certain members of the military people are talking in very concrete terms about america as an instrument of empire and imperialism and really being quite brutal in again as remark a halfcentury from that a whole host of questions are going to continue to come up about america's involvement in new foreign theaters brian naylor talk about another event mrs in september the miss america pageant protests in atlantic city well it's easy to laugh about this but in fact.

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