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Conservatism. Call Mark now. 8773813811. Well, I resigned from Facebook and Twitter parlor should be up next week will be linking to many of the national pulse business articles. Rahim Kasan in the gang. There do a fantastic job. We're talking about this time magazine piece. Trump was right. There was a conspiracy, well funded cab, all powerful people changing laws steering media. And controlling information. No. In this article. It says the handshake was between business and labor, one component of a vast cross partisan campaign to protect the election. Extraordinary shadow effort. As you point out, it wasn't protect the election. Really to win the election, by hook or by crook. Also says here they admit an assortment of foundations contributed tens of millions in Election administration funding. The chance Zuckerberg initiative chipped in 300 million You've written about this. You've talked about this. But here's the killer right here. Racial justice uprising sparked by George Floyd's killing A made this is from time is noted in your piece was not primarily a political movement. The organizer's who's helped lead it. Wanted to harness its momentum for the election without allowing it to be co opted by politicians. Many of those organizes were part of potholes. There's network that's the FL CIA ago. Guy from the activists and battleground states who partnered with a Democrat democracy defense coalition toe organizations with leading roles in the movement from black lives. In other words, These rioters. These these these marks is organizations were working with the Democrats in the never trump is correct. Sometimes more. You could do a little digging in the world. But the best thing that can happen is that your opponents get ahead of their skis get too big for their boots. Feel like they need to brag, Take credit, and that's exactly what's happened here at all of those things you just read out. Very clearly the consequence of somebody getting on the phone with Molly Ball with Time magazine and attempting to claim credit and saying the quiet part out loud. Quiet. Part of this was always supposed to be the black lives matter was about black lives and wasn't about politics or partisanship or politicians. Now. It just so happens, of course, that the politicians now suddenly don't want to have anything to do with black lives matter anything. Joe Biden is invited them into the White House. Yet there now complaining in bemoaning that fact. It is very clear and and it's euphemistic of as well at the same time Mark because Time magazine will say, you know, it's coming together of business and labor. Well, the U. S Chamber of Commerce doesn't represent Ordinary business in the United States of America represents big corporate interests, and the NFL CEO doesn't represent ordinary labor. They are the union fat caps, the union bigwigs with big Francie steel and gold from buildings. Block away from the White House. So again, this comes down to not what you know, We've typically understood his left versus right, but actually what we now understand more to be like the hyper elite. First is the rest of us, You know, not what 1%. But the 0.1% versus everybody else. And, you know, it's very clear and Molly Ball gets into it in the articles. You talked about how these people leverage to their power. But together these multi million dollar packs these political action committees and their job is to heat pressure on the big tech onto big media and indeed get election rules and laws. Changes. That's what Phil Kline and the Anistan project and all those wonderful people. They reported to us back in October of last year, and we reported that story out that Zuckerberg was plowing hundreds of millions of dollars. And those dollars came with strings attached. They went to public authorities around the country and said, Hey, we will help you. We're going to help you fund the changes in your elections that you no need to be made because of this covert crisis. You have to do it by our rules. You have to do it in a way that Hey, the signatures may not match with. You're gonna count the ballots anyway, The balance may come in late, but you're gonna count the ballots anyway. The drop box. Is it going to be in more frequent positions in streets where Democrats typically vote and less frequent in streets where Republicans over and they got all of that what we've seen here and what we're learning from this article? Things we suspected all along, but what we're now learning is about the corporatization. Of an American election. And it is it is your It's amazing how they expose themselves. And you know what the rest of the media will ignore This baby, They're probably very annoyed at Time magazine for doing this. Big tech is revealed here is we knew? You know, we knew what they were doing, but they're revealed here. They buckle to the pressure, the left and of course, they're participating. What the left is doing. There's no question about it, and they've gone beyond now beyond the election. Then you see big media the same thing, And they talk about changing the election laws in these states and you know if you bring that up now You brought it up, Ted Cruz. You brought it up, Josh. Hallie, you brought it up 140 Republicans and it was there. It's it happened. We all saw it. Oh, you must be inciting people. You must be inciting an insurrection and so forth. So they're probably still out of post election, don't you think? They want this. I mean in the article, we call it changing American elections forever. This was not a one time shot or one time deal for these guys. They intend for this to remain the case. But I'll tell you, you're absolutely right. I think you know, the Brian Stelter is of the world are going to be so angry that this because they've been screaming into their cameras for the last several months that anybody who's click claimed anything even close. What Time magazine reporter remember the definition of conspiracy is to do harm the definition off Cobb. All we've been told for years is underlying anti Semitic tropes. And this is what Time magazine actually is admitting here and those the words that they are using. So CNN will be mortified that they've done this reporting, but I'll tell you what it does Help is it helps in the upcoming Senate trial, and every single seat in that room should have a copy of this article. Printed out in place on the seats, and every single senator should be waving a copy of this article because it lays out and you cannot. You cannot allege that the president of the United States Incited an insurrection under false pretenses mark if the pretenses were true. And SAS. Mitt Romney. Had to me the others. They want apology to this president your apology to the Republican Party. They are apology to the country because they have participated in the propagandizing. The attack on people who are who are innocents. I'm not talking Who rushed the Capitol building. Of course I'm talking about All those people. On radio on TV you the Internet bloggers who all raised serious questions about what was taking place..

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