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A traffic stop. We have two reports for you. We begin with KYW Steve tower who tells us the officer's been arraigned in ordered held without bail. A grand jury present and found former officer Ryan panel shot a man twice in the back while he was unarmed and running away it happened in June of twenty seventeen after the officers stopped. Thirty year old David Jones on his dirt bike district attorney Larry Krassner says in a separate investigation by his office. Investigators determined the victims gun was twenty five feet in the opposite direction of Jones flight were officer panel stood and fired. Jones's death was not necessary to secure the apprehension the grand jury found that Jones was no danger to anyone in his flight this year, the DA's office has looked into nineteen police involved shoot. Eatings including three fatal shootings and four with injuries. Too were accidental ten were dog shoots. Krassner says only the panel case warranted criminal charges. Steve Taiwa, KYW, NewsRadio and reaction from the police union was swift. And we continue our coverage now with KYW's Kristin Johannesen who tells us the police union says the indictment of the former officer is quote, an absurd disgrace alongside Ryan Pinellas family. Fraternal order police president John mcneese beat rejects any charges brought against the former Philly cop. Today's meritless indictment clearly illustrates a district attorney who has an anti law enforcement agenda. Defense attorney Fred Perry represents Panella says evidence will show he was justified in the shooting of David Jones encountered someone who is armed with an unlawful pistol pulled that pistol from his waist a struggling sued officer panel was justified in his actions that night, and he will be exonerated of all charges. Harry says panel is in good spirit. And denies any wrongdoing. Kristen Johanson KYW NewsRadio by a slim margin area, Catholic high school, teachers if approved a tentative contract agreement classes are back starting Wednesday. The story from KYW's Mike DeNardo by a vote of two hundred sixty eight to two hundred forty-seven members of the association of Catholic. The agreement has administrators and not subject department heads doing teacher evaluations. They had every right to be upset with it. It's probably the closest vote we've ever had the agreement gives teachers twelve hundred dollar raises in each year of the two year deal and holds the line on healthcare premiums. The ratification means classes will start on time Wednesday at seventeen area Catholic high schools at Penn's landing caterers. Mike DeNardo, KYW NewsRadio KYW NewsRadio the Delaware valley. Coverage sponsored by horizon services,.

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