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Santa Monica, Los Angeles K Drw, Santa Barbara K. C. R. Hi. India. Palm Springs. Casey, are you Oxnard, Ventura and Casey Ry Mojave. My name is Travis Holcomb. Much more music become its KCRW. Hey, it's no Veena Carmel and it's black History Month tomorrow on morning becomes eclectic. Let's time travel to the Los Angeles Coliseum On August 20th 1972 singer Kim Weston opened up the Watts Tax benefit concert to 100,000 energized attendees with her powerful rendition of Lift Every voice and sing, also known as the Black national anthem. Let's listen to it together. Tomorrow on morning becomes eclectic. It all starts at nine. Right here on KCRW. Do you feel? Do you feel can move really, really want to show you myself? To keep this place. Sure. Reza. Definitely keep that pace up, honey. I'm fine. Away. Fine. I'm away. Don't fire away. Oh, I'm away. Wait. Wait. Yeah. Hey. No. Wow. Yeah. Bills bills when you talk of me, too. Oh, but Google Glass this'll fire starting using already talking. Oh, but Google, Plus, he's got five study. Hey. Oh, U Z Z L C Let me talk to Oh, but class. Yes. Oh, but classy. You're listening to music from loot bag song called Solstice off the best Regards E p. This is oh turno out of Brazil Bills Any mobile, Xenia. Getting remixed by Sonobe Liebig Gordon with I'm on Fire Search, and Cody Curry at the top of the hour moves featuring ELISA Rose, that was the house mix. My name is Travis. Hold him here with you for another 40 minutes. Coming up at 11 o'clock, We're gonna switch over to eclectic 24. Well, you'll be hearing classic Tom Tom Club,.

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