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Thank you for now is the time to find your color your page and everything to get started during red white and blue savings at the home depot trees from your room is easier than ever with the best deals online in store you can confidently select your color in the tools for your next project get a colorful new experience on the right page for the right price save ten dollars on one gallon and forty dollars off three five gallons for a limited time only at the home depot more saving more doing twenty five gallons per household see store for details digital news network if you're heading out on the road this fourth of July packing your patience might be a good idea AP correspondent Shelley Adler reports the July fourth get away is going to be another record breaker we are projecting that forty nine million Americans will be traveling the fourth of July weekend that is about a four percent increase from what we saw two thousand eighteen and a high travel volume for the fourth of July on record and triple A.'s timbre Johnson says there are two good reasons why more drivers will be on the road increase to the fact that gas prices are about fifteen cents cheaper than what drivers are paying the same time in two thousand nineteen but also with the lower unemployment and rising disposable income triple a predicts the worst time for drivers to leave Wednesday afternoon that's when commuters will mix with holiday travelers showing up Washington one of TV's most well known entertainers is helping foot the bill for some new college students Steve Harvey says he's committed to covering tuition for eight incoming freshmen at his alma mater Kent State University Kent state said in a release that the Stephen Marjorie Harvey foundation is work with the school to provide scholarships of about twenty three thousand dollars per student they must maintain a two point five grade point average for the funding to be renewed each semester the scholarships are in memory of Devon more against a student from Cleveland who died in twenty.

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