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Joe Caccia and lease wheel on seven ten w. You are. We're going to get back to this college admissions cheating scandal involving Lori Loughlin flippity Hoffman among forty others. Picked up off. Hoffman interested sports night. She was on real housewives. Yeah. Yeah. Big fan too. But not anymore. Full house. Laurie Laughlin mid-fifties not anymore cougar. Whatever this angers me on so many different levels as a parent of two kids. My second kid now through college MIT MIT. That's a good school is very expensive cool school. Thousand you pay sixty Granderson that before the books and everything now, that's what the books and room and board and everything like that can street where they live. The Boston Cambridge Somerville. Now Naci frame back and forth and all of those things. Seventy grand all in. No, it's not sixty sixty all in. Okay. So it is for the for the kids to get into these schools for the parents, everything that the years that go into the work, and and how they work so hard in high school sports, and all of that you had to groom him from very early age to understand that. Exactly. And I always told my kids that I can deal with anything as long as you. Tell me the truth. I mean, I'll tell you right now. What's mom's rule? Just she can do anything as long as you tell the truth with anything. So I was gonna put cameras everywhere. House. For these parents to go and role model. This to cheat and to cheat and lie and scam and bribe and break the law. So there little precious little darling. Oh, boy can get into the school by fraudulent means by the way, taking a seat from another kid a good point is more well deserving and and taking key that seat. So that kid cannot get admission. So that kid gets the rejection letter and won't be able to get into that school that kid who is more deserving and won't be able to go. Yeah. Is just wrong. And by the way, these kids who got in by fraudulent means are still sitting there magin how that kid feels. Now, I, you know, and I wonder did this these kids know about it come on their their resumes were faked they were they were told they run teams that they weren't even on they play were star athletes, and in sports, I didn't even play you're pissed off pissed. I can't even angry. I am really angry it's wrong. And he. These people these white. Rich privileged people. Just did this for you, by the way, what FCC? Kicked off setting. Hey, Kellyanne Conway's laying in bed weighing in by the way. So apparently one of these actresses is not a surprise isn't a big fan of the president. So she writes Kellyanne Conway does Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman indicted for lying and buying spots in college they worried their daughters are stupid as their mothers, viewpoint. That's wrong. Come on don't make talking about don't make this a political thing. This is not a political. You're criticizing. I'm why can't Kellyanne she? But you don't have to be. I mean, you don't don't. I dunno the top trending topics on Twitter right now. I understand it. Because I think this will affect hit a nerve was parents out there clearly their children's struggling who, you know. It's so competitive and adult mean it just for the idea league schools for all kids every kid who wants to get into college. I started out. I went to a community college. My first year. I ended up at Harvard. Sure. But I started out addict community college, Hartford, that's great no Yakima valley community college, and I see. The second one you went to Hartford. I mean, that's not nothing. Great. I mean Harvard. Harpers get those two confused. Yeah. Harbored? Harvard University in Boston. Yeah. But I started out yucca valley community college Cambridge not Boston. Okay. Yeah. Cambridge. I mean, but so I know what it is to to to really try hard and get those great grades, and and do it by the right way. And but also struggle it's very expensive. So I am I really reading this, right? That the girl who played aunt Becky. Okay. On the the full house. Lori Laughlin that she paid five hundred thousand dollars. Yeah. The koetter get into USC apparently one one person she to be big OJ played six point five million. I mean, the the rate was anywhere from two hundred thousand to six point five, that's the other thing. That mean, the rates were incredible the hell the she have that kind of money off the air thirty years ago. There were some very wasn't just actress actors it was also business people don't care about them. I wanna talk about the actress here in where Lori Laughlin has five hundred grand laying around you get her. See well, people it's the status of getting your kid into fancy school. Because it makes you look better you just stumbled upon the exact reason why this happened you didn't stumble. You got it. Right. If this is about the parents there. The US got into here. Wait did your kicking into d d d? See now, I think about any school that's named the Trojans. I mean, how do I not go to that school stuff? Right. You know, I'd go to school the magnum. And it's just I don't know. I really I know you seem very upset upset about oh, they're going to go to jail these. Well, okay. I'll put my legal hat on. They face up to five years for each count. It's a felony for each count. Will they do jail time? Maybe I think some of them should I really set an example here. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Send him to jail. What do you guys think at one eight hundred three to one zero seven ten eight hundred three to one zero seven ten. In fact, we have a couple of calls right now. Lease I'll tell you to talk about this. All right. Gary you're on the line. You're from Newark love Newark, loved the devils. Go ahead, sir. You know, what I kid in college? And I know how difficult it is. These kids are getting in there, and they don't deserve to be there. They just bought their way. I mean, you know, how difficult MIT Harvard all these places are right? You don't just go there. You don't just go there, and you know, sit in the student union. I don't know. I I don't know how kids are getting through mean. Who knows if they are? We don't we don't know. Maybe they if they got through maybe they're buying their way even through. Are they matriculated ready for next year? I do know that with. Yeah. With Huffman her kid was just applying now. So yeah. She's still going to deal with the girls. Well, yeah, boy words so a lot of them. They're just in the application process now, but this has been going on for a while. So some of these kids are in these elite schools, so it's a very good question and imagine now that expert looking around the they've they've got to transfer out. Hello to the university of Queensland in Australia. I love that is mile. I got my masters just your bio to make sure it is. There. It is you can put anything on your bio, that's true. I've done that on Facebook where I'm thirty six years old. The point is that I made this point last hour for those who weren't listening at that point. Is that college ultimately isn't about the school that you go to it is to a certain extent right in terms of getting jobs after should I think for the most part, let's say for instance, I go to Rutgers bright for for undergrad. And then I go to a halfway decent law school might become a lawyer. Right. The bottom line is. It's the law school that matters. Right. Your undergrad really doesn't all that much. Right. My wife from the Georgetown, then she went to medical school afterwards. Or if I'm in broadcasting, right? Like, I am the internships that I did we're far more now. Thing that I learned in school working, right? Exactly and networking to that matter. But but the real life experiences that you get the people that you meet, and, you know, it's not who, you know. But we not what you know. But who, you know, type of the all those things come into play. So for any kid, unless it's like an elite Ivy league school, Princeton Harvard, Yale that sort of thing, and I know that some were involved here to get US see where that goes to USC or goes to the university of Seattle. I dunno right? It doesn't matter in the end if they do well, and then they apply to accompany, and they they work their way up. That's the only thing that matters. Something in the parents head. Brag right, right. Getting their season. Really? But in the end you hear my question. I did I did it really that. Great. I don't know. I don't know USC to me that wouldn't be. But the other school they were talking about. We're Yale getting into like UNC like university of North Carolina, which is a good school to grade. Right. But it's like whether your kid goes to Virginia or North Carolina, Maryland, I don't think it really matters and the whole parent pecking order gossipy kind of thing, I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. They won't take some more calls. Sure. Let's go to let's go to Maria. Let's go to Maria. She's been hanging on for a while. Okay. Franklin square. Go ahead Maria. Hello. Are you standing? How are you? I'm good. I was actually going to school refund her climate change comet talking about this college entrance thing. He's redeemed. I wanna ask you wanna ask Greece. You know, you're upset about somebody else. Taking a place of somebody else, you know, regarding that, they're they're hard working right deserving. But what about Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton didn't deserve that nomination. Earn it. You know? I mean, she stole it from some of the woman who that that title of the first woman to be nominated by a major party, she stole that from somebody else's probably more deserving of it. So are you just as angry about that? I I'm not even I'm impressed. How that this conversation from? She got more, blah. I understand what you're you're the DNC. Didn't exactly how Bernie Sanders didn't help. Bernie Sanders, but my point is she got all the super delegates. She really didn't deserve. I was furious. When she when everybody was so happy that she broke the glass ceiling, and you know, the first woman to get this nomination. She didn't get it deservingly. She didn't earn that. The irony is, by the way around that glass ceiling thing, then the the party was supposed to be at the Javits center when she was win. Literally has a glass ceiling. I kind of funny. No, I think honestly Maria that the the algae wanna use here to get it up to date is Elizabeth born right used her Indian heritage to advance or career when she didn't belong in a certain place. And we got the documents to prove it so Warren, that's who you wanna use that. I like to see how some reparations there. I mean you played that. Well, very good. Listen, that's good. And because of that now you have one. Taco tuesday. Go buy a taco, I'll give you my credit card number when you get off. And that's on me Murray. Okay. Thank you. Okay. Let's go to our next YouTube Steven Patterson where my brother has a wonderful business. They're called the hocus school a trade more on that in a moment. Go ahead. Steve. Great. So don't we also have an IRS issue here? Why aren't they using the payments as a, hey donation? Oh, I don't know. Right. So when we're talking about do they go to jail or should they go to jail or will they go to jail, maybe on the on the moral issue? We have a a tax issue that that I think is a lot a lot heavier consider no absolutely going to jail because they were they were making their payments. This is really great. They were making their payments to H-share double controversy as a charitable contribution. That was how one of the things they were they were laundering their money, essentially. So yes, I I love our. I love our caller Steve that is so perfect. You you're right on that. That was way down in the story. And absolutely does that change the whole legal aspect this. Okay. There's there's go to jail. Oh, absolutely. Tax evasion..

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