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Oh acid and gives you need a certain ph low ph level to kind of seal off the speaker between your stomach in your safa guests so if it gets low enough that little flap closes really tightly and you have no acid that comes back up your schroeck but if you're stressed out and your acid production is low we can have acid reflux but it's really not acid reflux it's just an inability to create enough digestive juices to have that really tight closure and then on the piece of so we talked about like what to eat to work went to work out and stuff how many more calories like do you i know we're not really like a calorie counting group here but how much more can women be eating you know when they're taking your classes or they're working out six days a week like what do you guys think about that i we'll say there is something to be said about people who are really restricting the calories they eat yeah i think you know one of the things i'm known for doing as increasing someone's fat intake to increase their to make sure that they're not at a calorie deficit to make sure that they're requiring their body to metabolize more fuel and fats are really easy way to do that because fat doesn't release insulin and insulin is the hormone that blocks fat burning so we can upper caloric load without blocking fat burning and then all of a sudden you're challenging your body to not only in your workout classes but you're challenging your body metabolic leader say like no i'm not gonna you're not gonna get to a place where we're eating seven or eight hundred or a thousand calories a day like you want it you wanna fuel and then you want to train and then that training you know depending on what you do would give you more flexibility in your diet.

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