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Win beat the Tigers five four the final today Eddie recited hit a tiebreaking Homer in the eighth and the twins scored all their Iran's with long, balls beating the Tigers five to four they are five and one on this home standard swept the tiger or I should say, the pirates in a brief two game series and then take, three or, four from Detroit, over the weekend one game to go on the home stand and it'll be a makeup game with. The White Sox tomorrow earlier start pre-game five thirty first pitch at, six, ten by, the way are, highlight of the week could have been Rosario is go ahead home run in. The ball game today but. It is Joe Mauer's three-run Homer in the seventh inning a, pinch hit three-run Homer and it helped the twins Beat the Tigers five to four on Friday, night keep, that in mind, a little bit later on I will ask you, to call in and, you have a chance to see the twins. And the royals on Friday nights September seventh and seven ten if you're. Able to win those tickets one of the other highlights this week was a ceremony honoring Jack Morris the newest member of the bay is Paul hall of fame in. Cooperstown New York Chrissy was, honored at Comerica park had his number retired by the Tigers, last Sunday and then on Saturday night it was, Jag porous hall of fame night at the ballpark and. There was a nice ceremony before the ballgame honoring Jack quite a photo op of following, that, ceremony when you, had Dave Winfield Paul Molitor Jack Moore Saint, Paul's three hall of famers in. Oh by the, way Joe Mauer joined for the photo was, well that was really, a neat moment and of course Joe Mauer caught Jack Morrison is first, pitch here's some jacks comments including a talking about. The lifelong dream to eventually play for the twins Had so many great memories in. Baseball but I'll, never ever forget being able to come home, and put on a, twins uniform black my two good friends sitting next to me right now I think all of us at one point, dream of coming back home and plan for the team that we grew up wanting to be. Like for me it was guys like Killebrew Nolanda Kat And so many more that just really inspired, me made me wanna play the game Jack Quinn to talk about that important game seven of ninety one. I only played in this city one year.

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