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Well, he did, and. Happened, but I'm pretty happy. The only one thing that I'm a little bit bummed about is didn't really get much of a discount. But he was the top pitcher on my board. Maybe I could have gotten him at pick one thirty one and I took Casio pick one ten. So maybe at one thirty one, but I don't know the way the way people are spiking guys. You still talking about a twenty four percent strikeout rate. Fourteen percent swinging strike rate even with this disastrous in a one, twenty five whip is not that bad. I don't know. I'm I'm standing with Lewis Kathy. I don't see any reason to really fall back on him. So my pitching komo's new crap. I don't know. I understand. I got three starters, coal STO, Mike lists, and then Brad hand is as I think he's gonna be a closer for glee. Kony on, come on, get out of here, Allen free agent by the way I don't. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know if he is actually looking to seek what is what Aaron Hicks contract situation is because it feels like he should be a free agent bring check cots. I think I think they've got him for another year. Let me look. Yeah. Yeah, he's, he's got one more arbiter and someone of my comments mentioned like playing time citing Stanton, judge and Frazier, listen, I liked Clint Frazier, but the idea that he's gonna be relied upon for anything right now. He's got to get everything right, like scary situation with these with these concussion. So I just hope that Frazier's is. Okay really. But they also mentioned Harper. It will be so stupid Harper. It doesn't make any sense. It just doesn't not not from like a New York shouldn't get. But like between the two big stars, Machado makes a lot more sense. And then you move into her over to I like in a pitcher a pitch, yes, hitching for sure. But like judge Harper Stanton at that point, you have to commit to one a DA which I know Stanton's played a ton of that year. But for me, come on man. You get Aaron Hicks on arb- which what he's going to make me see what he made this year and kind of guesstimate. He made two point eight this year, even if they double that million, even if they double that six mil for what he does with with his defense and his ability to hit, he's now had to really strong seasons with them. You look at Hicks. He has a eight twenty nine Opie s. With thirty nine homers Twenty-one rubies or excuse.

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