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Natalie was born on october thirty first. Eighteen seventy six in dayton ohio to a wealthy family from an early age. Natalie was drawn to art writing in the french-language her family had homes in. Cincinnati washington d. c. And bar harbor maine. Natalie also went to an exclusive boarding school in france. Natalie was very intelligent and defiant. She earned the nickname. The amazon for riding her horse astrid instead of sidesaddle as was customary for women at the time in eighteen ninety six. Natalie moved to paris time in her work. She focused on writing poetry and short form pieces and french. These writings focused on love and grief inspired by the classics. Natalie also spent much of time socializing settling in her stream. Non monogamous lover's began. Natalie was unabashedly herself and was open about her sexuality. She said i am a lesbian. One need not hide it or boast it still her sexual exploits were fodder for much gossip in paris. Her love life in fired. Many acclaimed works of literature including land pujols even in nineteen one and radcliffe halls. The well of loneliness in nineteen twenty eight in one thousand nine hundred. Natalie published a book of love poems. Two women that caused great scandal especially with her family after the collection made headlines in the washington papers. Natalie's father alpert stormed into the publisher's office to buy and destroy every remaining copy and printing plate of the work. The controversy didn't deter natalie from being her authentic self. She said mike weirdness is not a vice is not deliberate and harms. No one in nineteen. To natalie's father passed away and natalie inherited a substantial amount of money seven years later in nineteen o nine. Natalie moved to rusia kkob and launched. What would become a long lasting weekly literary salon every friday. Natalie entertained intellectuals artists at her home from colette to f scott fitzgerald gertrude. stein and truman capote writers. Would mingle share their work. And listen to others natalie. Particularly used her own influence to support the work of women literary salon was an institution through the roaring twenties in nineteen twenty seven. Natalie took a step further in her support of women. Writers and helped found a group called the academy. Defend a response to the all-male bastion of academie francaise. The group included many famous women writers of the day and its members got additional attention at salons where they could read their in progress or yet to be published work in nineteen thirty. Natalie published the one who is legion. Her only novel in english. The book follows the story of a person who commits suicide and is brought back to life as genderless being with no memory as world war two began. Natalie moved to florence with her longest lasting partner. Romaine brooks natalie's allegiance during world. War two is unclear. Some sources say she was supportive of the fascist other suggests that she may have shared support for the fascists to avoid deportation that she was one eighth. Jewish whatever the case. Natalie did help jewish couple flee from italy to the united states in nineteen forty-six natalie and remain moved back to paris to find natalie's house it rusia kkob uninhabitable. It took three years of restoration for natalie to move back in and restart her friday salons throughout it. All natalie kept writing in nineteen sixty three. Natalie published her last novel at the age of eighty six a few years later after fifty years together natalie and romain broke up around that same time. Natalie was served notice for cope apartment..

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