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Uh hey hon occurs zero all year be kona am marcel as an right here silver server now now now like if all air hitomi neck uber your you go and you're going no retirement serb got a triple surbek law ranks third of olive branch jerry lugo what do you think of the silver here i love it i'm not lar is the new with with their saw thinking rutger hauer yes i wish i do that were wrote a very young rucker dickey's own cortes is how young you keeping today jump keeping a man to yard so people come up with you a lot with the surdo you get a lot of black until delights waiting at your letter worry where you get such an incredible react you do right away i get the uber today immediately launch so they and and by the way they are uh uh let's see you jose garcia huge fan of you marcel it's not so much you covered it's like a few marcellus garcia mr garcia uber driver and choosing you in the marquee oh look it at that is starting to become this more way bed in vegas lungs blerta's here you know it's be better savell i i saw you tweeting out some fat keeshun pictures last week all the royds just but this will you noticed now or the people who are seen him i saw a week ago and i was like he sean you go and trained for this you know is coming up he's like.

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