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To you by bush auto group tickets are on sale now at twelve ten w h t dot com slash speakers series thinking about buying a new vehicle this summer visit bush auto group dotcom with over one thousand vehicles to choose from savings that'll make your wallet happy and customer service to rival the competition you always do better at bush wbz news time ten forty nine and right now it is eighty mainly clear in spring garden on our way down sixty nine the kyw twenty four hour traffic center burlington bristol bridge at mid stand there is workbook alternating lanes a complete check of traffic and transit on tuesday just ahead multitasking at the laundry mat a philadelphia based franchises kicking off a literacy initiative at some of its low income spots hey why ws paul six explains laundry cafe offers everything from massage chairs and big screen tv's to arcade games and barista service now it's rolling out something more cerebral initiative to bring literacy programs and other programs into laundromats death gardner is chairman of the laundry cares foundation one of several laundry cafe partners you've got bikes engaging with kids coloring talking breeding jane park woo of the clinton foundation's too small to fail program says her group has been planning to seeds of literacy and laundromats across the country how that comes through their door care gets to go home with a book of their choice we provide ideas for ways they can engage with their children whether it's playing peekaboo with your clothes are singing together during longer time paul kurtz kyw newsradio well suburban parents with children who need to be hospitalized we'll be getting major relief in a few years why w suburban bureau chief jim melwert explains it will be a first for chop chop is adding two hundred fifty thousand square foot expansion to their existing facility and king of prussia presidency madeline bell says it will be chops i hospital outside of their philadelphia campus we really believe that care is best closest to home and so i think this is part of our commitment to the community in meeting that overall bell says the new hospital will be full service.

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