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I think another really really good point that I want people to start doing if you're trying to avoid feelings posttax is hit up an old body someone that you are familiar with that you've had sex with a hit. One that you're comfortable with and just literally go through your old bodies and randomly hit one up catch up with them. You don't even need to fuck it hang out with that. I literally will just you could start sexting, and like talking a little bit more and just keep your mind off shit because I think a lot of times, especially with girls if you're not trying to be fucking more than one person at a time just texting an old body. That's like, easy your mind off Shishir. You know what I mean? Yeah. That's a good one a basic one is don't sleep over. Okay. God. Cuddling up snugly up to him. Like, don't don't let yourself get in those fields here, and there you can fuck and sleep over. I get it. We had twelve to kill us. I'm not trying to get an nor. No, I grew up. I think. Yeah. I think that's especially girls. I think at a little of fuck emotional or there are some fucking bitch boys that they try to act so cool. And then all of a sudden you end up being the fucking big spoon. And they're trying to be little home with you bitch. What the phone of? So I. I mean, I guess like a really good one too is just puck and increase your masturbation that is rely on them for low. Anything you're warning that can some have ramp the funky like someone when you don't. Okay starts to look real fucked right around here when you're really Horning. Okay. May jump anyone. Don't fuck around with like pet names. Don't be doing babe. Bb Honey bun looney bunny leggy. No, no, no, no. And do not let them call you babe or baby ought is don't ever. Her for engaging in this discussion. Side, you told me babe. Try to get cute with it. Knock it the fuck up as far as you're concerned. I'm your hor you're what you're captive and God. No, I agree with you. Yeah. Fuck off with the penny. I think I think this is one of my best and lasts would be for how devoid feelings post sack is do not be the one who acts different okay after sex. You do not initiate any fucking change keep the same pace the same energy. Basically, you're not you cannot let this out the sex clout your judgment. There are too many people that all of a sudden, I feel girls who this all the fucking time. And it's it's pathetic. It's like all of a sudden you guys fucked and then it's Friday night. He hasn't hit you up. He made it clear. He's not hanging out with you that night. He's ghosted you. And at two AM your fucking calling him and texting him trying to get your phone call. It's like if you don't have plans yet, you are not texting him if it is your hookup, and they oh you nothing. And then you are pushing that boundary you look fucking way to clearing if your if your behavior. Changes especially if you're starting to act more needy. He is going to be terrified, especially and girls the same. When a guy does it to me after we fuck, and he's like, all of a sudden blowing me up you've had it. This guy wants up fucking calling. You and say, dude, I get it the sexist fucking bomb chill the fuck out. Just kill. I ain't play. I've I've had a guy do that too. In it freaked me out. Now, you go I'm like running away. But then also keep in mind guys. That's also the side of when you do start doing that it immediately gives the person the upper hand they immediately have the power in the hookup because you're the one that's con constantly straying from what the initial plan was. And now you're getting a little bit more mushy with guys play the game am telling Dan suck outta here with that shit. All right. You mentioned someone you don't want him calling you baby while I'm calling you a whore..

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