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To a very special special dog that is free to a good home have you ever heard of a particular animal called a of all get this right it's called the belgian mallam wall bright avenue friend has a belgian mallam wall of has to move on need sirri home it and it's a female belgian mallam walk and i was going to take who's thought i had a for a while and it's just a magnificent animal it does everything but moeller law you know but there was one problem the cats she didn't get along with the cats and the cats have a priority of my home so she had to go back on the on her but i'll talk about that later in case you're interested a great animal three and a half years old michael now donald trump in keeping with a campaign promise and lie on california he wants to open up more public land here in california for drilling specifically oil texas t black gold was a beverly hill billy's jerry brown ron's blame has got to peaks bloating when he gets the word on this one but there's nothing he can do about it but keeping up with a presidential commitment to forge ahead with that commitment to boost the domestic fossil fuel production he's going to put it together and the oil rigs will soon be moving into kelly for or natural gas extraction i love it i love it i think that's outstanding news that means jobs all kinds of jobs in a further push for no further dependency on the bad guys and speaking of the bad guys trump met for about two and a half hours with a bomber putin today and the first thing they talked about was russian involvement in the the election we don't know a lot about that meeting yet but we will in the very near future but i understand it was out standing lead productive up and we've also heard via the grapevine there's going to be a big announcement coming up soon about syria so we'll see speaking of the president you know the facts about our president is it he's really very liberal of social issues really is this is one truth about trump but after his speeches in eastern europe the leftist intellectuals is they like to refer to themselves are screaming screaming that it's racist for president trump to defend.

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