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Three of them were classified before Michael Ellison's recent review. One of them was classified by Ellis during his review before he learned how to classify and the other to the lawyer had not yet figured out who classified them and. I'm quoting terrific, and this is the law fair podcast June. Twenty second, two, thousand and twenty. You may have heard that former national security adviser. John Bolton has a book out. His White House Memoir titled The Room where it happened has made a lot of waves recently. Not only his Bolton face criticism for publishing account of his time with trump administration book rather than testifying in the president's impeachment trial, but the Justice Department is now suing Bolton for publishing when it claimed his classified information. So what exactly is the government arguing? And as Bolton's book, even any good. We brought together Benjamin Witness Jack. Goldsmith and Martin Liederman to discuss. One note before we begin. As you'll hear. We reported this on Friday June nineteenth. The Judge Bolton's case issued a ruling denying the government's motion for a temporary restraining order blocking distribution of bulletins book on Saturday June twentieth. But, we still think it's a good conversation that gives you useful context and what's going on. In his Saturday ruling Judge Royce Lambert of the US. District Court for the District of Columbia found that he would not block the release of bullets book. Lambeth did say that bulletins unilateral conduct raises grave national security concerns. wrote the bulletin could face civil and even criminal liability for going ahead with publication without government approval. But the judge ruled that the government had failed to establish a restraining order was appropriate.

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