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I am scared like Shane Green Versus Hector Narus which you might think that's a joke Eric Harris's terrible and Shane in Green as a one point something era who take yeah yeah I you you have to say green but you don't want to do I yeah and the next thing I think is who is setting them up. Who's going to deliver them the ball and a save chance Sean Nukem I do too? I think it's the phillies nothing green but yeah to your point I agree and by the way hecker narrows will not be getting saves for the next three days because he's serving his suspension. God only knows who will get the chance if they have one out of more than yesterday and it's like here hit this one over the fence is Pablo and he did and I honestly I don't know who's going to get the save who could possibly Blake Parker might literally in his first appearance with the team gets yes the safe Jan Rutta also wasn't too hot to owners or walk. We were watching the game there and he two homers the first three batters as pinch hitters so I mean the phillies have a clear bullpen problem and it did not get solved by picking scrappy speaking of wishes we buried late on that one but lots of suspensions coming down tweaked. You'll get a couple of games doesn't seem fair bill. How is he still in the game like if you're Cleveland? Aren't you calling tonight. Get him out. Get Him out of the game that was really a wild forty five minutes or so just following the mechanics of that trade and then that that Bra that's one of the crazies solve two decades Garrett. I he's not on any fancy teams but man that has got to be a long time and anyway other pitchers here. Let's okay lots of but save save situations did change even though there weren't that many trades so let's get into that ever so briefly are you. I'll say I am and you tell me if you are too two. I have now avoiding the potential situations in Detroit. I think it's show him as I don't want Johann that effectively as a matter of fact the guy behind him. I'll say his name properly buck farmer if you say that three times let's go watchdog. We've got here. We're going to say his name once once and one time only. He's proud that I said properly Tom. Do Your job very careful. Don't so the first thing you'll say for too many players so we're just going east Afam yes so him and has the guy but I'm going to view him. As the way I do like the way I was viewing ruin his Elliot's the Seattle I yeah you'll get a good. That's a good value putting ladling the price point now Seattle Michael with Anthony Baths or Sam to Villa UH. I don't know I mean they could also go with Austin Adams when he gets healthy. There's interesting guys but it's all speculative and it's down uh-huh. I am avoiding Seattle and Miami I guess at least we know who it is but man. That's a Miami there is what are you thinking Charlene Garcia do you you think it's Tehran Guerrero who doesn't know where the ball's going when he throws hard. He's a hard thrower so that's a possibility down the road. He's hardly he knows where it's going thrower. That's the problem I I I actually think there is a path for Ryan stanic to step up as the closer. I'M NOT GONNA put a big announcement there. That's a good point. He just got traded there that I hadn't thought of that House Way Davis still still closing now. He hasn't blown a save like six weeks but I mean isn't it read home. Games is eleven point zero nine for the season six point eight to the dodgers was like please. He's coming the game yesterday. Please and they hit two homers off that I might even dump Wade Davis in a standard. This is greater than the number of minutes. It took me to eat that Turkey leg. That's a problem. Oh it's it's like trip for most relievers in baseball yeah come on that's saying I eat them quickly. Whip bigger than is bigger than over the I._R._A.. More saves wrestling your Taylor Rogers Archie Bradley ooh great question. <hes> don't save on Monday night lesson that happened with seven or more games..

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