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Missed you guys. It's been a while since i have been on. Approximately two weeks to be exact. Took a little break for july fourth. And i wasn't feeling too well last week but we are back in manned. We got a lot to talk about today. Euros co biomedica gold club. I mean you name it. We got in today's show. There is just so much. The finals i mean. Just i've missed so much since i have been gone. So let's just do a little run down what we're going to be discussing today. Show starting with the first segment. We're going to talk about the euro finals. I'll do a little bit of a recap like the whole euros. Maybe i might focus mainly on the the final because man. It wasn't exciting one Back and forth action. It really felt like england had it in the bag since pretty much all tournament. They hadn't given up a goal and they were well on their way to doing that in this game as well but italy with their experience and in on all of their vigor on that side of the of the field they really You know bunkered down and just play a lot better in that second half so we're gonna get into that game in the second. The first segment second. We're gonna talk about globeop medi-cal talk about argentina's run to the final and getting a messy his first ever title. I mean as nps japan. Obviously you know. I would love to see neymar have success and stuff. But i can't help but be happy for messy to finally get his first major trophy for argentina. It was well beyond do in the and he certainly deserved it. And and it's great to see that he didn't have to do absolutely everything even though he was solid in that game. He didn't have to do everything for them to get that win. He didn't even contribute to the goal. So we're gonna talk about gopro american. That's second segment third segment. We're talking about the gold cup. I recently went to a couple of those preliminary matches A about a week and a half ago. Those two weeks ago now. And i'll talk about how those went. It was really excited to be in that environment. With all those The fans of all different countries. That i don't normally watch her even follow at all. So you know. I'm gonna talk about that a bit. And how the gold cup has gone on so far and then of course i'm gonna talk about the top. Ten senator senator defensive midfielders are central defensive midfielders in the world. Today we got a lot of good ones on this list. A few that are actually in the lead for the balloon. They order so far. And so we're gonna get into all that in today's episode it's jam-packed wants so get ready folks Via we're going to start with the euro final between italy and england and heading into this game. I was one hundred percent on italy side. You know i'm part telling a little bit of me as italian. My grandfather is talent. I got a little bit of in me. So i'm always gotta root for maya on my home country and but at the same time i felt like italy. Were going to win this game regardless on who. I was rooting for. I felt like italy had more quipped more equipped to be able to. You know go through a full ninety minutes and come out on top at the end of it. Of course this game and they're going to penalties and there was a lot more to it than just you know the from ninety minutes. It went all the way to one hundred twenty and then some so Let's get into how this game unfolded how it started in and honestly to start this game england could not have looked any better I mean they've pretty much dominated possession and and just like have been so tough to crack in this entire euro. Run that you know you knew that. They had confidence coming into this game. Of course there was a little bit of pressure you know playing in wembley playing in their home country not having a a major tournament win. In over fifty years so obviously. There's a lot of pressure for this next generation of england players. You know you got a lot of young guys like Asaka marcus rash for donald show. Arriving sterling i. I wouldn't say harry kane. He's kind of been there for a little bit. But regardless you still got a lot of young players even jordan pickford who's been a part of this. You know england national team for a while but hasn't enjoyed any sort of success. But i mean i gotta tell you. In jordan pickford played a heck of a game But just overall man. What i saw from this england cider leon. It really felt like they were. You know taking over that moment in just taking it for themselves. You know not allowing italy to really gain any sort of momentum. Whenever they had the ball there was always one or two guys right on them not allowing them to breathe or have any space and at the same time like whenever italy got down the floor like down the field which which happened a few times in the first half it it felt like impossible for england to be broken through like it honestly dave they were so sound defensively whether it was harry. Maguire you know being massive and just constantly being in the in the right spots in the right positioning whenever a ball would go over the top or johnstone's or even kyle walker with his pace. Not letting you know a guy like in sydney get by him or or or as i same thing for lou shaw. The all played excellent defense. Like like has to be said. And also i gotta get my props to declan rice's well then while he was out there because he was. I believe the first one to get subbed off. He was very solid in possession. Will you know had some very solid defensive moments and just gotta say overall for that england side especially in like the first thirty minutes of this game it just felt like they couldn't put a foot wrong and on top of that. They got a goal. A- beautifully taking goal by luke shaw which was delivered by trickier. The two fullbacks combining for a very solid goal and and it was all because of the movement from kyle walker brought in the central defenders of italy are thinking it was what was his name I got i got it right here. analysis substitutes come on which one is a dealer install the right-back deluding show. When when it was kyle walker went into the box broad lawrence o. Into the box like covering him which left which which left glamorgan forgetting his name. Luke shaw to get that open goal and it was a very solid open goals. Well ought to be able to hit it in and get it within the post and that was his first goal in a major believe in a major tournament four or it was the first goal of the euro's form the fourth goal over on his career for england. But i mean what a way to get your first goal of the tournament in the final. I two minutes of the game and it looked like sure. Is how and i'll tell you what those two fullbacks trickier in. Luke shaw possibly had the best games aside from maybe pickford because whenever pick for needed to be there to get a big stop he was there you know there should no longer be any kind of you know question of whether he should be the.

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