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1% KBC News is sponsored by Stater Brothers. Happy New Year from the state of Brothers Markets family to yours. May you and your family have peace, Good health and happiness. KBC weather Tonight Partly cloudy in the evening then mostly cloudy lows in the mid forties to mid fifties. Local northeast winds are on 15 MPH after midnight. Tomorrow. Mostly cloudy in the morning then partly cloudy highs in the mid sixties toe lower seventies Right now, in downtown L. A. It's 64 degrees. Burbank has 65 It's the power drive home after John Phillips. It's bench appear Oh, at three. Then Dan Bongino moves up to 5 P.m.. Ben Shapiro and Dan Bongino on your drive home today on 7 90 KBC Now here's ABC. Sports is fine. Thank you, Mr Kevin Trip. You see, you have a Thursday and four right here on K A B C U C. L. A Eight s u Thursday at 7 30. Odd dyslexia. Don't get me now. Somebody letters. How am I supposed to say them all correctly? Lakers Grizzlies again it five Clippers Spurs in seven Rams Seahawks wild card game Saturday at one And now it's time for that's pretty cool news Baseball edition Boston Red Sox have hired Bianca Smith is a coach that's gonna help out some of the people in the minor leagues, making her the first. Black female coach and pro baseball history. That's pretty cool. What for? That's it. Good job. Bc dependable TRAFFIC Woodland Hills SIG alert one of one North found before Woodlake to white lanes closed because of an overturned pickup truck traffic stop from DeSoto South bound slow from Fallbrook.

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